Albatross Docker Lab Setup

Hi, Raspberry Pi user here. In April I have successfully ran this dev-lab in Raspberry Pi 4 with modified Docker build to be compatible with it.

While the team is doing their best finishing touches and spotting more potential bugs, you can run this Docker build had your Raspberry Pi meet all these recommendations:

  • 64-bit Raspberry Pi hardware (I use 4B Rev 1.4 8GB RAM)
  • 64-bit beta build of Raspberry Pi OS (downloads from official RPi forum)
    ** Please check if 64-bit OS is installed correctly by typing uname -a in terminal. If it doesn’t say arm64 or aarch64, that’s the wrong version.
  • some dependencies needed to install before running the build: Libseccomp2

You can try it by changing from build_ubuntu.Dockerfile in Setup Step 3 to build_aarch64.Dockerfile

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