Angry Traders – Let's hear you out and act on it

For the longest time, team Nimiq has neglected trader interests and the project’s market situation. For good reason, as it enabled the team to focus its resources on building the tech. Now, that Nimiq 2.0 is around the corner and the TEN31 collaboration on OASIS is taking form, the team has committed to change this stance. Not to sugar coat anything, the team is, of course, aware of our low market cap too. We want to engage traders and are ready to listen to feedback and criticism. At the same time, we have some things lined up, that we want to test on you and involve your opinions. For that very reason, communication team created a TG group for exactly this purpose:

Please join the Angry Traders and let’s work on bringing in more traders!

Imo this is a horrible thing for the team to both officially start and sanction. Oh well though, good luck with whatever the team is trying to achieve and I’ll be interested in watching the group to see what occurs in it.

Why so negative? Traders and investors have been neglected so far, that’s pretty factual. Now the team wants to cater more to this target audience and is looking to understand their reasoning better. So what do we want to achieve? A way to gather insights, get feedback and test stuff with people that have been quite unhappy with the project so far.

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From the name of the group to the way it’s talked about (and many other recent moves by the team), it seems like the team is scrambling to make investors happy.

Imo we’re a year away from Team Nimiq making the same mistakes every other team that created a coin has. Hopefully I’m wrong, either way the coin is solid so the team can make whatever decisions they want as long as it doesn’t weaken the coin.

We are indeed trying new creative ways of creating more awareness and reaching outside of our community to let more people learn about the project. However, we will always remain true to the Nimiq spirit and will never engage in shady practices. Just trying to think outside of the box here :slight_smile:

From my point of view opening that TG channel is good.
1-it will allow trader to express themselves freely without the risk to get banned.
2-it shows that the team cares for everyone in the project.
3-it will allow the team to bring some more improvement in bringing awareness to the brand Nimiq.
So lets give it a try and see how it is going to work.

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I’m not a trader myself but I’ll keep an eye on this thread, hopefully I can learn something from them… also when the bulls come to town, I’ll be enjoying the ride… :grin:


What exactly are those mistakes that you are talking about?

This is exactly what is wrong with it. You’re not supposed to cater to traders. This is logical nonsense. You’re supposed to deliver and market your product. Which you failed to do for last 2 years, so the market cap followed. No amount of engaging with traders will change it.

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I guess the idea is just a comment box to channel bad feelings and to listen if there is another valid opinion out there to consider. “Which you failed to do for last 2 years” is just a blame without substance. You could argue, that the mainnet (Nimiq 1.0) was at least half a year late to be a fast selling-item. In those days Verge (300,000 followers on twitter) did well regarding marketing. But how do you rate the prospect of XVG today?! Every altcoin is down, because there is currently no market for it. Additionally, Nimiq has a high inflation during the first years (possibly the choice to follow bitcoin here was wrong). But the fundamentals of Nimiq are strong, especially since the team is unified.

What I would expect from Nimiq is that there are team members who never lose sight of the overarching goal that they compete with all the existing money out there!

The first step is, being better than Paypal. Paypal has the advantage to transact fiat money. Nimiq needs to make OASIS work to get a foot in this door. To get a foot in the door you have to reach out massively to retailers (Salamantex has this in common) and other banks have to offer OASIS (possibly that is the job of ten31bank).

The second step is that Nimiq wants to reach millions (billions) of people. You need to convince purchasers, bank customers, (game) developers, idealists etc. You need a user base. You have to go to trade and computer game fairs, articles have to be written, you have to present your solution that people recognize it. It is a false assumption that the crypto community is really helpful - most of them are just kids playing with money. You want to reach people in Europe, the US, Asia, the rest of America, Africa, and Australia. Find multipliers! Plan it, find people who have knowledge, cooperate. The (marketing) part has to transform to a professional business. It is not about identicons, that is just a UI reference - it’s about money, the world economy. People need to get the feeling that it is safe/secure to transact with Nimiq. They want to preserve value and/or gaining an (economic) opportunity (e. g. micropayments, microloans).

If Nimiq 2.0 runs stable and secure grow multipliers aggressively. I hope the marketing group of Nimiq plans such things since months. You get paid for it and the whole project is no risk for your CV. The idealism, why you invest so much time, that is the point you have to make people understand: That NIM is the best payment solution, as soon as the Internet is available. (And beyond!?)

Cryptoscar would be right, if Nimiq misses in the two years to come to present their solutions, aimed but widespread. Nimiq needs a lot of multipliers to be successful.


Well said… I am entirely with you point of view. We really need such us constructive imputs that could helps the team putting marketing strategy to conquer the crypto space. Lets help the team with marketing as a community.

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That’s a bit of a misunderstanding, I feel. The idea is not to perform major changes or compromise on our great vision but to improve on our ability to explain this vision. ‘Catering to traders’ (the way I mean it) is listening to and acknowledging them and their perspectives.
Learning from it and coming up with a better pitch, basically.
Nimiq did, in fact, deliver a lot but, and here I agree completely, it failed to market what it delivered and that’s what this effort is about. BTW, in case you haven’t, please support us with sharing your insights here:

That’s a great post, I absolutely agree with the part about finding multipliers. One passionate holder/user is more important than 100 idle ones at this stage.

For playing this game since two years now I can say it’s a bit taxing in the current climate however, most people will meet your with apathy at best (at worst you will be called out in an unpleasant manner).

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Here is the (my) angry trader perspective:

Nimiq’s ICO success 2017 was due to the following aspects:

  • crazy crypto bull market; successful strategy to invest in ICOs; ICO recommendation
  • the idea (and promise) of
    • world’s first Browser-based Blockchain
    • designed for simplicity
    • participating in its ecosystem as simple as accessing the Internet itself
    • core values are ease-of-use, scalability and speed
    • Browser-based and installation-free since it is written in Javascript …
    • Light clients allow you to establish Blockchain consensus in seconds, requiring less download data than a song
    • near instant transactions via off-chain transactions
  • youtube vlogs
  • launch mainnet + ecosystem, Dec 2017


  • launch mainnet was latish changed to Q1 2018 and without preliminary communication on the website; delay of mainnet, April 2018
  • decentralization reached by browser mining obsolete since day 1 because of pool mining
  • marketing efforts (June 9th 2018): Nimiq Web Shop; Ledger Nano S promotion; content on multiple channels; Nimiq Safe Usability; research communities and conferences
  • cashlink promo Aug 2018 (but why should an investor spread the word about Nimiq to friends in a bear market, high inflationary coin with complicated pool mining, and no demand?!); professional revamp promise on Aug 31th 2018 (@Overnice: very good new website, online since Sep 2019)
  • first transparency report Sep 12th 2018 incl. high expenses e.g. for Christmas home flights 2017
  • Oct 2018 participation Web3 summit without giving a talk; marketing onboarding boat, end of cashling/ledger promo, end of NET; Trinkler collaboration
  • Nov 2018 Malta blockchain summit participation without giving a talk
  • Jan 2019 first AMA esp. because of Robin’s resigning
  • overall bear market

Increase of twitter followers in 2019 due to:

  • Kucoin listing (May/June)
  • Trustwallet integration (Sep)

What I expect from Nimiq’s marketing 2020?

To see significant efforts to make it into the (crypto+fintech) news.

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I agree with Chug re: calling the group Angry Traders, as I feel like that’s not really accurate as most traders just play whatever looks good and take profits as necessary. The people who are “angry” (which I don’t think is accurate, I’m more apathetic at this stage as a long term Nimiq holder myself) are the ones who invested in Nimiq at ICO or early mainnet and have seen their coin value drop anywhere from 90 - 98% roughly and either sold the bottom (in which case I think it’ll be too late to get them back anytime soon), or are just holding and patiently waiting on Nimiq 2.0 to arrive as it is known for people who have been around long enough that once Nimiq 2.0 is up and running that the team will then start being more active in promoting their coin.

To me at least this is why a lot of my engagement with the Nimiq community dropped in 2019; no point in staying constantly active in a community which is purely focused on development and waiting for the team to deliver Albatross and Nimiq 2.0 when I have little to no techincal expertise, while in the meantime Nimiq’s price suffered tremendously as there was little to no point in buying Nimiq unless you were very bullish on being able to stake it 12-18 months later. This resulted in the coin’s price dropping roughly 50% in fiat value and more alarmingly dropping about 75% in satoshi value from the 20 sat value which was already low in comparison to 2018.

For 2020 I think I agree 100% with @Tobias when he says he’d like to see signficant efforts to make it into the crypto+fintech news. OASIS is a very exciting development and it should see significant marketing efforts if it’s going to be able to truly disrupt the stablecoin section of the market with its direct fiat to crypto bridge. Nimiq 2.0 with insanely fast confirmation times needs to be known by the larger crypto community to garner interest and people willing to buy in because of not only the ease of use which it’s had since Day 1, but also the insanely fast transaction times + very low fees - all on a trustworthy PoS based blockchain (team can’t control that last part but other coins suggest that Nimiq will have a healthier distribution of mining/minting than it currently does in it’s PoW iteration). If the team is integrating BTC into everything then that needs to be pushed as well, as engaging people in the easiest and safest webwallet in crypto to use the #1 crypto in the world is an important onboarding tool.

I understand why @Chugwig is upset with how brash this post is, as for most loyal Nimiq supporters who understand the vision the team is going with… we all understand that the team chose to focus on getting the technical base right first before pushing the marketing. In 2020, it’s hopeful that all of the tech related things that the team wanted to do will be in place, so after that all we want is for the team to push those things. Pandering to traders isn’t really going to help too much as most traders buy and sell for their own personal gain. They’re rarely going to buy a coin and move it off the exchange, and they won’t come to a coin that doesn’t hold any promise of a profit in the short term. You need people willing to invest in Nimiq long term first to create some positive price action (e.g. people use Nimiq wallet for BTC and realise how easy it is to use, and then realise that Nimiq is faster and has less fees so they start buying into Nimiq instead), and then the traders will come afterwards when the charts look good and there’s significant price action potential.

Thanks for coming to my TED talk


What TED talk are you talking about? …Oh, wait :sweat_smile:

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