Community Projects


Community Projects

Here’s a comprehensive list of community projects built on Nimiq. If you’d like to develop your own Nimiq-based project be sure to check the Nimiq developer centre!

Each active project will have a dedicated forum thread where you can find up-to-date information and provide feedback to the project developer.

Some of the projects listed here may be inactive, if the project has been open-sourced a Github repository link will be attached to the ‘Purpose’ column.

Project Forum Thread Type Creator Purpose
Twini Link Game Stefan Twitch stream donation processor
Nimipets N/A Game KM Nimiq ‘tamagotchi’ game - DISCONTINUED
NimiqSpin N/A Game Albermonte Nimiq spin-wheel game
NimiqGames N/A Game Ben Games utilising NIM
NimiqLotto N/A Game Pika Nimiq based provably fair lottery
ShortNim Link App. Albermonte Monetise URLs
PayNIM N/A App. Homeboy Send Nimiq through emails
NIM Utilities Ext. N/A App. Chugwig Simple NIM Chrome Extension
Nimizuela N/A Misc. rraallvv Venezuelan community
Nimiq Cafe N/A Misc. Talleyrand French community
NimiqX N/A API Miao Nimiq statistics
Nimex Link Exchange Rick ETH - NIM exchange
Agora Trade N/A Exchange Trinkler Software Cross chain DEX
Nimiq Faucet N/A Faucet Smitop Faucet of 0.2 NIM per 7.5 minutes
Nimiq Faucet N/A Faucet Sami Faucet of 0.25 NIM per 15 minutes
Nimiq Faucet N/A Faucet Smitop Faucet
Nimq Discord Bot N/A Bot Cino & Smitop Nimiq Stats. Discord Bot
Nimiq Reddit Bot N/A Bot Cino Reddit tip Bot
Nimiq Telegram Bot N/A Bot Homeboy Nimiq tips for Telegram
Nimiq Twitter Bot N/A Bot @rraallvv Nimiq tips for Twitter
Nimiq Hexabot N/A Bot Terorie Nimiq statistics for Telegram
Mopsus Link Explorer Ken Blazer Blockchain explorer
Nimiq Watch N/A Explorer . Soren Blockchain explorer
Poolwatch N/A Explorer Brantje Blockchain explorer
NimiqScan N/A Explorer Gnoll Blockchain explorer
Nimiq Desktop Miner N/A Miner Kunani Windows miner
Sushipool Desktop Miner N/A Miner Sushipool Multi-OS miner
Beeppool Miner N/A Miner Blub Multi-OS miner
Nimiq Nvdia GPU Miner N/A Miner EhssanD Multi-OS miner Link Informative Nimiq Fee Monitor
GetNIM N/A Game @rraallvv & @Bushwhack000 Play games & earn NIM
NIMnow N/A Misc. Hextics Fill out surveys & view ads to earn NIM

Community Project Funding

If you’re considering an extensive project that requires potential technical or financial resources, Nimiq has a dedicated community funding initiative which can be found here.


Nimipets is offline :frowning:


I’ll be adding links to each projects github repo (if available) just in case the project is inactive, the list will list every project ever built on Nimiq so that developers looking to continue an inactive project can pick it up.

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nimipets was not made by miao and is not for nimiq stats if i am correct, and there is a nimlotto now also :slight_smile:


I think is a good idea for each project to have its own thread with info there. Project leads and project leads can keep that update and use it to send sneak peeks/updates. I’ll be creating those on the Informative Community category so they are easy to find :slight_smile:.


I’ll add a section that will link to each project thread once you’ve created them


Perfect. I created Twini, we can work on that one to come up with a template that we can use for the rest.


Two new projects:

GetNIM & NIMnow

An android app that rewards you with NImiq for playing games.

Fill out surveys & view ads to earn Nimiq!