Community Ranks Introduction

Hello fellow Nimions,

as some of you might remember, we started a Community Role / Community Tier thing on the Discord Server a long time ago. They are based on the Discourse Trust Levels which you can find here. This means that the ranks will be based on the the activity and engagement done in this forum and will be transferred to Discord manually by the team periodically. The idea is to honor people who contribute to Nimiq and structure the community in a more engaging way. This concept was neglected for quite some time now and we want to revive it bigger and better! Those are the new Community Tiers:

Nimiq Newbie

  • Purpose: This is the first tier a new member belongs to and with enough interaction with the forum, will grow to become an valuable member of the community.
  • Perks: You get to interact and voice your opinions on important subjects with not only the Nimiq Team, but also other avid community members like yourself.

Nimiq Ninja

  • Purpose: This is the second tier a new Nimion enters and a stepping stone into our awesome community.
  • Perks: You get a distinctive flair icon next to your avatar in the forum, as well as a Ninja Tag in our Discord server and access to the Nimiq Cafe in Telegram, where we discuss more in depth matters. Access to a Bot so you can propose a Tweet that will appear in Nimiq’s profile. Get exclusive insights and LEAKS from the Team.

Nimiq Samurai

  • Purpose: The Samurai is the core part of the community, consisting active community participants.
  • Perks: You get a distinctive flair icon next to your avatar in the forum, as well as a Samurai Tag in our Discord server. This tier is mostly focused on members more involved in the community, which often times develop and organize projects around Nimiq.

Those are the core roles for the community. We might add some more differentiated roles later if there is need for it. With a recent update in Telegram it became possible to customize the admin names of the different admins. We thought this might be handy to further specify the different “VIPs” in the Nimiq Telegram group so here is a list of the different tags:

Nimiq Sensei
This is an honorary rank given to people who contributed and shaped the Nimiq community over a long period of time, retired Community Representatives or other important figures of the Nimiq eco system.

Zen Warrior
Zen Warriors are long-term trusted community members who are given the right to delete spam messages in Discord and Telegram. They are not part of the official Nimiq Team and don’t represent the team in any way. If you see a Zen Warrior in the chat, you can be sure he/she is an active part of our community. If you have a problem with how a Zen Warrior behaves in chat, you can contact someone from the Nimiq Team with your complaint.

Local Community Moderators
Those are the community members responsible for managing the various different local communities of Nimiq. They are also long-term followers of Nimiq and are trusted, but also don’t belong to the official team.

Community Representatives
They are voted representatives of the Nimiq community and are part of the Community Funding Board, which helps community developers with funds for their projects. There are always 3 Community Representatives at the same time. You can learn more about them here.

Member of the ambassador program by choice. More info on that later.

Team Nimiq
This tag is reserved for the official team members of Team Nimiq. They represent the team in the chat.

What do I Need to do to Obtain a Community Rank?

To obtain a Community Rank, you need to have a forum account, be eligible of said rank and request a membership in the respective group. Click on the three bars next to your user picture in the top right of your screen, click on Groups and click on Request. Then you can fill out your usernames in the other group channels. The tiers/perks will then apply to Discord, Telegram and the forum. Once your request has been processed you will be added to the respective groups.

I Already Have a Community Rank on the Discord Server, can I Keep it?

Yes, the old ranks transfer in the following manner:

Sushi --> Nimiq Ninja
Surfer --> Nimiq Samurai

To obtain your rank globally, apply normally for the new rank and make sure to name your Discord tag which has the Sushi/Surfer status.


What do we do to sync our forum rank to our discord rank in the case that one is higher than the other?

Check this out guys, those can be used for badges


Thanks a lot for the input, Ralv! I think they’re great, but when actually put next to the avatar, it seems it may have too much detail, and being too small, it not really understandable. The ninja could probably do it, but not sure about the samurai. That particular one seems to be like a bug or something




Thanks for the feedback. I’ll try to make them more recognizable for that size :+1:


How about these images? I think they are more recognizable know, although maybe the samurai not as much as the ninja, but the same is true for the katanas when compared to the shuriken I guess :thinking:




I like them! They’re more Nimiq-like. I guess the only feedback I have is that from a first glance at the 2 avatars, they seem really similar. Once I looked at the big images it was more obvious. We can have a poll or something here in the forum and have people vote.


Maybe add some colors?


@reds I like the idea about the poll. @Talleyrand they look cool in those colors.

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@Talleyrand The colors are actually a great idea! @rraallvv sounds good! Here’s the link to it:

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