Please help Chinese community out with better experience

Are GitHub static pages accesible from mainland China? If so, maybe you could try to host the wallet on GitHub.

Edit: If someone could confirm this snapshot of the old safe works from mainland china, that would be awesome. BTW, HD wallets won’t work on that wallet so you’ll have to use some legacy access file or recovery words.

I tested it with VPN. It can be accessed, but the thing is that it will be nice if it has CDN supported and hosted in Mainland because sometimes the nimiq website or resources have lag for the users in Mainland.

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@svub FYI: First, I have tested Nimiq Safe and Cashlinks with five members of Chinese community (my seed node was shutdown in that period). The result is pretty positive. It takes a bit time to download resources(js, css, etc.) since there is no CDN in Mainland China, but it’s still not that bad. Even the time for searching peers and syncing blockchain data is not long.

In conclusion, it seems that the situation I mentioned above is not consistent. It was that bad when I posted this article, almost everyone without VPN complains about it, but now it’s good.

Sometimes the connectivity is very bad between North American and China, same thing with Europe and some of seed nodes could be probably blocked by the Great wall as well.

I am going to keep an eye on this for further investigation. In the mean while, I am still running the seed node to know what it costs in a week. I just wonder if you/team are still interested to have a seed node in Mainland. It seems to be much less than I expected before. It probably costs under $25USD/month in total.


Excellent @Miao, happy to hear that! Where did you deploy safe and hub? I’ll clarify about the costs, if you have, please send me the bill to [email protected] (no problem if it’s in Chinese)

@svub I deployed them in Mainland as well, but the initiative to host them is because I would like to figure out what the bottleneck is for Nimiq Safe and Cashlinks, CDN or Seed node. I don’t have conclusion this time, so I will not publish them in public as a backup since I think the loading time of js, css, etc. resources is not a major problem for this moment.

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@Miao, could you use any help, e.g. setting up and securing servers, or something else?

@svub For now, I think the server is fine because there is only a seed node and NimiqChina website running on it. No much thing needs to be extremely secured, but thank you so much for proposing this.

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FYI: The VPS is only running a seed node for now. The Safe, Hub and Keyguard are not open in public for the reasons that I mentioned above. The seed node address is currently wss:// I explained the test result for the situation of Nimiq in Mainland China. I will be paying attention to the response time of Safe and Cashlinks and I will investigate more if needed in the future.

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I think this URL is not yet in the community seed nodes list, correct??

Yes. I will request a PR to add the seed node later.

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PR for adding NimiqChina seed node:

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Thank you very much! :slightly_smiling_face: