AceMining Mining competition! 10k nim price!

:loudspeaker: AceMining Mining competition! 10k nim price!:loudspeaker:

We are grateful that people choice to fight against the Centralization of Nimiq!

:rocket: We decided to do a mining competition!:rocket:

We giveaway 2500nim every week for a month!
After month of free mining we changed the fee to 0.8% to be more competitive!


  • Mine with AceMining between 1 September and 1 Oktober.
  • Mine atleast 250nim with AceMining

:calendar_spiral: This promotion will run until thursday 1th of september 12:00 a.m UTC. till 1 oktober 12:00 A.M :calendar_spiral:

New to Mining?
You can follow the instructions on:

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