An infographic about Cashlinks

Hey everyone, as you know cashlinks are a very powerful feature and the easiest way to get people to try Nimiq for the first time.

However people (especially in cryptos) are very suspicious of links leading to a domain they do not know. If they don’t suspect a scammer they will likely suspect you’re shilling them a referral link.

While the blogpost and the video are helpful they need 5 minutes of you time to explain to the person that, no, it’s not a trap.
Chances are people simply won’t bother these days unless they are particularly curious.

That’s why I decided to produce a short infographic taking less than 20sc to consult and explaining in a brief manner what is it and how it works.
I included a little square so you can screenshot and paste a QR from in paint/gimp/photoshop to add an actual cashlink.

File to use (QR slot cropped):

File to use: (QR slot):

Edit: V2


Very clean Tally, great work! Your infographics are always top notch.

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Awesome design and graphics! Keep up the good work.

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