[Android] Nimiq Sunset Cyberspace - Play the game, earn some NIM

Hello Nimiq Community,

I’m working on a new new app based on the same idea as Nimtris, play the game, score points, earn some NIM.

This first week until Friday 30th it’s on Open Beta to find bugs and adjust the prizes.

Nimiq Sunset Cyberspace

It is a Retrowave Game where you have to race through an endless road dodging obstacles and collecting NIM. The more points you get the more NIM you get.

You will have 3 oportunities to collect all the NIM you can, after that have to wait until the following day or watch an AD (these ADs are here to refill the facuet)

Right now you will get 0.1 NIM per 10 points and you need a minimun of 5 points. This Open Beta is designed to calibrate the prizes according to the ADs revenue, hoping to increase the prizes on the final version.

Play the game, find bugs and earn NIM, thanks for your help.

Download: Play Store


Brilliant, good effort. Haha I got 4 tops, great to see threejs game and with expo too?! Playing fine here on old s6, looks and feels good, retrowave all the way.

Sublime if payouts balance with ad rev.

I am hoping to dedicate a month to nimiq game very soon, also curious to try @rraallvv c# rpc in unity.

Awesome stuff :rocket:


Thanks, yes using threejs and expo. It’s actually ejected to add Appodeal and Appcenter SDKs but still using Expo feautures like Updates, Splash Screen, etc

Hoping to see your Nimiq game soon ;D

That would be awesome! Please let me know how it went :blush:

Right off the bat I should say that there is no Unity plugin for the NimiqClient library but it can be installed via the nuget command into the Plugins folder, like so:

nuget install NimiqClient

The library supports both build configurations Net Standard 2.0 and Net 4.x. Net Standard 2.0 is recommended since Net 4.x might require some additional dependencies (.dll files).

A Unity plugin to make adding the library to a project easier is definitely coming.


Wow, this is awesome, I like the art style, music and controls of this game!

I noticed two bugs in control input processing:

  1. When pressing on both sides of the screen, I go left. I expect for the two inputs to cancel each other and go straight.
  2. When pressing both sides, and then letting go of the left side (but keep pressing right), I continue to go left until I also stop pressing right. I expect to go right when stopping to press left.

Great game, I love it, the NIM logo lends itself so well as a gold coin to collect :+1:

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Thanks for the feedback, actually if it goes left when pressing both sides it’s because you pressed left first :joy: I’ll fix it and set it to go straight when both are pressed and try to detect better which side is pressed, thanks

Seems you are right about which side is pressed first :smiley:

Another issue I see is that you put the time into the transaction message, but your time is UTC server time, and mine is not, so the time has no meaning to me, if anything, it’s wrong for me.
I’d say leave out the time in the tx message, as the tx itself already has a timestamp through its block.

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Time removed, thanks

Hi, just downloaded the latest update and tried it out.

Seems to run smoother now, although I still get the occasional stutter (not the newest phone, but not old either).

Regarding the controls: I can report that the issue with pressing both sides and going left is still present. Even when I press right side first and then add pressing left, I start moving left. This doesn’t stop until both sides are not pressed anymore.

I didn’t fix it yet, I’m focusing on an error affecting only some devices which is crazy to debug and that’s why I can fix the controls, because my phone is one of them and I can’t play :confused:

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