Announcing Albatross Alpha Testnet

Nimiq Alpha Testnet is Live!

Hi everyone! As you may know, the past few weeks we’ve been busy setting up the infrastructure for the first publicly accessible albatross network: the Alpha Testnet (formerly referred to as “the devnet”) and we are happy to announce that we have successfully completed this process.

This effectively means that if you compile and run the latest code from the Albatross repo, you should be able to connect and start syncing with the seed nodes, validators and other nodes that are part of the Alpha Testnet.

Try it out

For more specific information check this thread about Getting started with the Albatross Alpha Testnet

Note: Please keep in mind that we expect the Alpha Testnet to be very unstable during the first few weeks as we find, debug and fix all the bugs that are expected to appear. This is the first time we are running a live Albatross network that anyone can connect to (hence the “Alpha” in the name :wink:). This also means that the Alpha Testnet may be reset at any time since that will be needed during development and testing of bugfixes.

Happy Alpha Testnetting and Pura Vida!