Atomic swap glitch, help needed


Issue: Atomic swamp completed, have yet to receive the NIMIQ in return for the $1,000 USD worth of BTC that I swaped through the ATOMIC SWAPS feature in; this is very concerning and the first time I have run across this issue after preforming several dozen swaps through the wallet.

TX ID# 3f915962d4b0f06edbf61bde700ff39ddb3899b8a736145bd5fcdff5516eb536 (First swap, yet to receive my $1,000 USD of NIMIQ.

Confused I submitted another TX for the remaining 30 day limit on the account, it was a small TX of around $20 USD. However it actually went through and the NIMIQ displayed in my wallet within a few minutes.
TX ID# 8e74960bdf1ad7314abd15faefcc9406383489e3a72f24e6d23338a5fd302c6e ($20 TX)

So I am missing $1,000 in NIMIQ please respond and update me on this ASAP. Thanks.

UPDATE: I checked the deposit address for the $1,000 USD of BTC that went through the atomic swap and it shows as being received but I have yet to get my NIMIQ, please help.
See here:

Why did my money end up all the way over here without my NIMIQ wallet receiving the NIMIQ that I swaped for.

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Please feel free to ask for any more information, I have no idea how this happened and I would appreciate any input or support I can get. If any developers could explain what may be going on I would be very thankful, I’d like to be able to access this $1,000 in NIMIQ ASAP. Thank you.

Hi! We are looking into what happened, I have forwarded your case. You will definitely get your NIM.
Please have patience until the morning European time.

We are looking at what happened.
Did the first swap show ‘swap successful’ to you and then closed, but you didn’t get the NIM tx?

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Hello /u/NimiqSoeren ,
Thanks so much for the quick reply and I really appreciate the help; I wasn’t worried too much about not receiving them at all because I trust and believe in your project very strongly and have already educated many people of the amazing benefit to your blockchain. A small hiccup such as this will in no way decrease my faith in your project or dissuade me from bringing new users onboard. The only and main worry it gave me was that if it were a NIMIQ or crypto newbie to experience this glitch/error it may scare them off of blockchain indefinitely or completely.

Again thanks for notifying other of this issue for me, I greatly appreciate your speedy response.

As for your question I believe it did say swap successful, however I was reading another tab while it went through the final of the 5 stages of the swap. After it gets past step 2-3 I usually switch to another tab while waiting out the rest of the confirmations. Also I did just notice this option within the past 5-10minutes it is showing a “refund” option now. See:

Upon entering the password the prompt closes but the refund is not issued as of yet, again thanks for the support. I made sure to take lots of pictures to document it for the team as well as any newbies that experience something similar by chance.


Hello team,

The issue seems to have happened again; I’ll attach photos to show what’s happened. Do you suggest I just wait to see if the swap actually goes through or do I need to do something?

It’s not a huge inconvenience to me because I know I’ll get my NIM but I worry for a new user who may not be experienced in blockchain they would believe their money has been lost or taken. Anyways these are the TX details.
My address (bc1q7ev4lc609yc2vdh99zn74seajtqggu4cumfgv2) sent 0.02633732 BTC to: bc1qf954w8mnmj5lsjpkkj5svucec3hxnvqdn6nt8uc2lkly43pk735sa9x5gq for an atomic swap. I have yet to receive the NIM while the TX is over 3 confirmations.

TX ID: 06e12fb5227c2264d5f15c8d28b747dcba0064fd48ae948f6b499ad43a2a89b9

Please advise on what to do, thanks! @NimiqSoeren

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We are investigating the issue and we’ll get back to you asap.


The issue has been resolved via private message and we are currently working on a fix to prevent this from happening in the future.

Thank you for your detailed report @NIM, the wallet is getting better thanks to supporters like you. :heart:


Thank you @Matheo & the rest of the team for resolving things so quickly, I’ve had great faith in the project and team for some time now. I’m very pleased to see all the work done over the past year especially, I’m excited for NIMIQ to get more attention during this bull run.

I am always quick to educate new people on blockchain and I love to use NIMIQ as the first step & introduction. Your project is really changing the world and I would love to congratulate you guys because about two weeks ago we passed over 1 million accounts created. I track it here: It’s already over to 1,004,800 that’s close to 5,000 new accounts in half a month. It’s really starting to get some more eyes on it and I’m happy your work is being appreciated by more people.

I’ll continue to report any glitches I find, I have done several dozen swaps so far so I have tested everything pretty well thus far. Thanks for working on this project, I really think it will do a lot for the whole ecosystem/world. I’m happy to help wherever possible.


@NIM The latest wallet update from today fixes your bug for good! :adhesive_bandage:


It’s working great now, the team is clearly driven, extend my thanks please.

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