Beware Nimiq Trojan or.....? [SOLVED]

Hi All,

Just a couple of questions if that ok?

It would appear that when visiting the nimiq wallet (new or old) Malwarebytes active on our system is activated and then reports a trojan attack (is this an attack?)from one or the other two domains listed below:

  1. - port 8080
  2. - port 22001

The above two domains are both outbound connections.

While I doubt very much these are malicious Trojans (i hope!), and more to do with peer connections, some clarifications would be great so i can manage these exclusions if required.

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Those are what’s called false positives, it happens when someone (for whatever reason) reports a website as being malicious on some third party security tool or platform, without the website in question having any malware.


Great, thanks for the swift reply.

Is there something we can do as a community and rectify this issue so that this does not sway potential new Nimiq users?

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Yes, we can report the issue here, and also send them a link to the list of Nimiq seed nodes used by the blockchain.


Great, thanks for the links. Im in the process of reporting this now :+1:

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It won’t let me post the 2 additional messages in previous post so here they are.
Thank you

I am experiencing same problem with Malwarebytes. I get 5 errors though.
5 Cross Site Trackers Blocked. This is using Brave Browser, it also appears with Chrome


I am attempting to link my Ledger device. I have established a wallet previously at with a recovery seed and the log in green card and successfully transferred coin. I am skeptical to keep info on a computer and wanted to link the Ledger. I was able to create new wallet but when I hooked up Ledger again it couldn’t find device and wanted me to create new wallet and new avitar. I am afraid to try to put anything on wallet linked to Ledger until I can solve connection issue as account seems to disappear after being created.

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Thanks for reporting the issue, you can report it directly to Malwarebytes as a false positive visiting the support page at the link below, please give them the list of official seed nodes and community seed nodes so that they can remove all the nodes from their blacklist.

Alternatively you can add the Nimiq and community seed nodes domains to the list of allowed websites following the steps described below:

I reported the issue already to malware sometime ago and it would appear nothing has changed.

Would it not be in Nimiq best intrest knowing that new users are having these issues and obviously reporting them here, so that maybe Nimiq should also contact them additional?
I’m sure it would be also better received if it came directly from Nimiq.