Browser game rewarding NIM for top players

Hi :metal:

I’ve got an idea to expand on Nimtris and incorporate stores accepting NIM.

Nimtris is the perfect skill based game where there could be a weekly leaderboard (prob tied to your NIM address?) awarding top ranking players, perhaps like the top 20, with NIM to spend in an affiliated store. I know that playing on desktop gives a higher score, so there could be a mobile and desktop leaderboard?

There is a lot of marketing potential as users can earn NIM while playing but also stand a chance to win bigger amounts. The fact that it does not require any downloads will increase the adoption rate.

Players could also go and check out the products on offer by the affiliated partners which could drive CPC ad revenue.

This would not also give exposure to Nimiq but also to the checkout process.

Happy to elaborate in more detail :blush: