Browser games and Nimiq: ideas, suggestions and discussions

Hello everyone, as the title tells, this thread is about discussing Nimiq and browser games.
The topic is relatively relevant since browser games:

  • Rely almost only on ads for monetization
  • Don’t have a practical access to microtransactions (we’re talking sub 10 cents buy)

Nimiq experience revolving around the web browser there are obvious synergies and opportunities here for integration and why not the rise of a new economic model.

With that in mind I thought it could be a good idea to try to list and reach some game developers.
Thoughts, ideas, suggestions?


Nimiq is great for micropurchases imo and many apps rely on that alongside ads for revenue.

I’ve also been researching the best ways to create a Nimiq paywall for a game that would work for a PWA.

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Good topic, I have been making games for 20 years, here’s my 2nims worth.

Game conferences. Having visibility here is key as many devs, payment providers and publishers get together. Gdc, casual connect, game connection, nordic game would be good. Casual connect would be a great fit based on what I know of nimiq and the folk I met there. Entering as a game payment solution would definately garner interest.

A nimiq stand, a killer game demo, and a few sacks of those qr coins and stickers would go down a treat.

Here’s this years conference list, plenty to choose from (as the .com localises reach further afield).

Techically js games are ripe.

Unity webgl should work with external js calls to hub, I will try and report back., Even better a free Unity Assetstore Nimiq asset of a hub port to their .jslib or even a c# client? would allow devs to easily integrate nimiq to their creations.

Unreal. Not sure about unreal but I recall Kunani was looking at this a while back.

Practically as a game dev accounting transactions to fiat at sale for the tax man is on my mind. Crypto is such a small niche just now, audience is limited vs fiat, but I guess we gotta start somewhere :sweat_smile:. Also though tempting the last I looked into gambling licenses it was intentionally cumbersome and expensive in EU (there may be better countries to base). Distribution also needs some thought many game portals are quite restrictive on 3rd party revenue… perhaps hit a few of these up with a hostable api for their game devs to integrate so the portal gets its cut of nim takings.

Futures bright


Wow, 20 years of experience is quite impressive. Do you have any games in the works that use Nimiq given all your experience?

I hope to, Unity webgl output is pretty bloated compared to writing it say in js engine like three. Coming from c# I have been playing three and learning js. The game I have in mind is multiplayer so having to convert to websockets. I will prioritise the game a bit more, figured we still had a wee while more time scratching around before the next cryptocurrency hype cycle.


Hi @Pete, have you tried the Godot game engine?

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No, but it looks awesome

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Thank you, that’s really interesting insight! I checked Casual Connect and it seems very interesting as a starter.
I know the Gamescom is a pretty big convention and not really far from where most of the team is based but maybe it’s too consumer faced to begin.

Practically as a game dev accounting transactions to fiat at sale for the tax man is on my mind. Crypto is such a small niche just now, audience is limited vs fiat, but I guess we gotta start somewhere :sweat_smile:.

Indeed we have to start somewhere, I think OASIS will solve a big problematic related to volatility and the burden of accounting/dealing with a third party involved with accepting crypto right now.

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Yes, pretty cool. They will be adding C# for Android in the upcoming months. Exporting desktop games developed with C# is already supported. Godot even has been in the Google Summer of Code (I was the one that suggested that idea). I’ve contributed with a few fixes and improvements too. I’ve brought the theme about integrating Nimiq in Godot games a couple of times to the Godot Discord server, but haven’t posted anything yet on their forum about Nimiq because I wanted to finished integrating NIM rewards powered by Ads into this little Godot game. Best of all, Godot is FOSS under the MIT license. I’m glad you like it :blush:

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I created this video to discuss some ways to use blockchain in video games, the images and part of the transcription are borrowed from other video published on YouTube, but mine is more neutral so that it doesn’t come as a criticism of the way some games have been using blockchain until now. I added the Nimiq onborading video on the end screen :wink:

There is also a Spanish version

Edit 1:

The videos are not published yet, but are still “watchable” via the links, feel free to make any suggestions about the wording, imagery, expressiveness, etc. The voice in English will be reshot with better audio quality and the voice in Spanish is computer generated and modified a bit with an audio editing tool to sound more like a human. If anyone can do the recording for the Spanish voice-over that would be pretty awesome :sunglasses:, just drop me a line, these are the scripts for the English and Spanish version.

Edit 2:

Unfortunately the original video is no longer available under the Creative Common License so I had to remove the videos.