for Nimiq is an open project based on open street maps that lists physical stores accepting Bitcoin in a map. The code for the project is open and it could be modified to support Nimiq to then create a single place where people can submit and search brick a mortar stores accepting NIM directly.


  • A first version can run with 1 GB of RAM and 1 CPU 2.3 GHz or more. Storage of at least 5 GB is also required.



Would be glad to support and effort to make this happen. @rraallvv I think this what you were talking about.

Yes, a directory of businesses accepting NIM that appear listed on a map with support for nearby searches would be very useful. There is also a couple of WordPress plugins that I’ve tried out but in the free version there were limitations like not being able to do geo location searches, so an open source platform like Coinmap would be very welcome.

I’ve also thought that, in the future, a platform like localbitcoins for Nimiq could be used in places with no support for Fastspot/Nimiq OASIS, and it would be a complement for the directory of businesses. Those very same businesses could be using the platform for converting Nimiq to the local currency. I’ve searched for plugins or open source platforms with no luck though, so something like that would need to be built from scratch. Eventually there is a chance than when Nimiq reaches a high volume of transactions worldwide, it would be listed on some peer-to-peer platform like localcryptos, so there is also that.

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Sounds like a great proposal for community funding! :slight_smile: - I would also love to support you in making this reality (as time permits… you know…) because it’s a really unique and important gateway into crypto that’s needed for communities that can’t just sign-up to an exchange and wire fiat to their accounts. :heart:

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Maybe a collab opportunity with MIQSLIST


Indeed. I’ll be searching for alternatives and different approaches to see how this could come to fruition. Thanks it would be very much appreciated.

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I had’t thought that way, but now that you brought that up, a business directory with geolocalized searches could be a perfect fit for MIQLIST. Thanks for pointing that out.


Thanks Tally/rraallvv for having MIQSLIST in mind.

We definitely wish to pursue this route in the future, I believe out limitations are both with the availability of online retailers and the availability of brick and mortar stores.

What you see on MIQSLIST is what we like to consider v1.0 - ideally our goal would be to become removed from WordPress and develop some independent features that would allow us to better add/remove/promote content.

Please reach out if there is anyone that would like to collaborate. We are completely open to inquiries and excited to work within the community to build MIQSLIST into a powerhouse.

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