Coins send to adres no longer supported

Good morning Nimiqers,

Yesterday I sent 50000 nimiq to my Wallet at Bitcoinmeester, now they don’t support Nimiq anymore… I didn’t know this. Is there anything I can do now or are the coins gone?

If the transaction has been mined, you need to contact them. There’s an email address and phone number on their website.

Thank you for your response. Is it really stupid if I say I’m not what you mean? I can see my transaction on However, the address it was sent to is no longer in use, Bitcoinmeester indicates…

We cannot help you here. Only Bitcoinmeester can help you recover the funds. Please contact their customer support.

Thank you for your message. Bitcoinmeester says we don’t support NIM. We have removed the nodes from NIM and can therefore no longer access the coins. You can’t help me either. Then they’re gone I guess? What happens to the Address Bitcoinmeester had? If that is no longer there, the coins can’t be delivered, can they?

Bitcoinmeester/Bitladon used to support NIM but dropped support recently. They’ve send a mailinglist to inform everybody so that you could move your NIM somewhere else. Since they are the custodial entity that hold the NIM on your behalf, they are the only one that can send you your part.

I never received a message, either I would have taken action. As always, everyone points at each other and pulls their hands off. I know I should have checked, on the other hand I find it strange that there is no error anywhere if you send to an address that is no longer supported.

This has nothing to do with the blockchain itself. Bitladon decided not to trade NIM anymore. The wallet still exits and they are still able to use it if they haven’t deleted their keys( which I doubt they did). So there is nothing broken and that’s why there was/is no error message. So the coins are not technically lost, they are still in bitladons control.

Thanks for your message Faberto. I get the feeling that Bitcoinmeester is fooling me. No longer facilitating a coin is understandable, but then indicate that you can no longer access the coins… If the address is still visible, it should also be possible to see if the address I sent it to is doing something on the network?

Yes, just enter the address where you sent the coins to at: and you can see all the details and transactions for that address.

Yes, exactly. I also see that what comes in (NQ03 is my Wallet address) and what goes out is that correct? So is there really something or someone involved?

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They have most likely moved it to one of their main wallets, that means someone there still has access.

However, it could also mean it was sent to an exchange and not under their control anymore.

But in any case, they should be able to send it back to you somehow, if they wanted.

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I need help my payment worked but didn’t received nimiqs how can I contact u guys?

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