Community Funding Board election and personal details

Telegram: @bitcoinaire10
Discord: young blessed #7313

I am Elisee Yao, cryptopreneur(crypto entrepreneur), crypto-trainer, french-native and bilingual English-French instructor. I live in Togo. I am a part-time trainer and salesperson.
I am also a reviewer of cryptographic subjects for the “Experty” platform. I grade essays based on relevance, audience, errors, plagiarism, and impacts.
I have been in the crypto sphere since 2016 when BTC was around 745 USD. A comrade introduced me to #NIM since 2019 and I fell in love with it. I HODL and trade it many times on trading platforms and exchanges.

I trained several crypto-learners in my community and online to, trade, create accounts on exchange platforms, play airdrops, install wallets, analyze trends to integrate official channels and projects to benefit news and bonuses. I have contributed a lot in helping the community to acquire crypto-currencies, to exchange them especially in a region that is difficult to access and filled with crypto-illiterates.
My favorite tip for newbies is to look into cryptocurrencies and #Hodl which includes

I have always worked to attract more investors to the project in order to enlarge the community. And if the project allows me to formalize my voice, that would make me happy.

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