Community Funding Board Transition


For those who missed the last medium post, here it is:

> All Board members were asked to devise proposals on how the Community Funding Board transition would work for newly elected representatives and advised that this topic would be discussed at the beginning of the next meeting.

The first meeting was held on the November 28, 2018 so we are slowly approaching the deadline.
Since the first picks from the community were made in a bit of a hurry I think it would be appropriate this time for everyone in the community to be really aware about the incoming elections few weeks in advance, have some time to prepare itself accordingly and discuss it.
Hopefully this would allow to reach a larger participation.

It’s a good occasion to discuss about the vote organization when it comes too so noone is out of the loop.
Also reminder for those who recently joined us that there are three seats at stakes (for the three people with the most votes) and votes are cast by NIM holders, these are weighted by their NIM balances.

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