Community Representative Candidates 2019-2

Let’s get to know the candidates for Community Representatives!

Note: All candidates were required to send a Bio. The current bios were the only ones received. Updates will be made if new information is received.


Hello, my name is Chugwig and I’m honored to have been nominated for a second term on the Nimiq Community Funding Board. Going into the first term I aimed to set solid precedents and ensure that that the board would have a solid foundation to stand on in future terms.

Looking back on the term, I believe the board made it’s share of mistakes but succeeded in achieving it’s core objective of encouraging development and activity within the community (including some non developers recently which is amazing). Several good precedents were set throughout the term and the board is constantly learning from previous proposals as well as the community’s feedback. There’s always room for improvement with anything, and in future terms I’d like to see more community interaction as well as refinements to the whole process from the perspective of someone submitting a proposal.

If selected for another term I would focus on getting input from the other two representatives as well as setting up more structure for the board if possible. Regardless of whether I’m chosen or not, I hope to see a balance of perspectives and knowledge across the 3 representatives. I believe the most important thing for the board’s longevity is to get fresh perspectives each term and wish all the other candidates good luck!



Hello my name is Seth, but in discord you may know me as SirChef. I need to keep this under 240 words so let’s go right into it. I have been following Nimiq since before July of 2018. Smitop, chugwig, and I were eventually asked by Richy to serve as a board members temporarilywhich has concluded in 17 projects being reviewed. 9 of which have been approved by us. I have been active in the discord for quite some time and feel free to tag me when you see this and say hello. To know a little about me, I am an American that believes in freedom, democracy, and individual power and rights. This has lead me to blockchain such as bitcoin, etherum, and yes of course Nimiq. The ability to be able to control your wealth and send it anywhere in the world in seconds is revolutionary. I believe in Nimiq and the team and I assure you that you can believe in me for another term. Thank you and Happy Voting!


I’m Smitop. I heard about Nimiq while browsing around the Internet, and I first learned about Nimiq while it was in it’s earlier testnet phase. I then joined the Nimiq Discord hours before mainnet launch, since I wanted to get in on some mining (as it turned out, I didn’t make much NIM through mining). As I proceeded to learn more about Nimiq, I figured it was a great idea, and I got more involved with Nimiq. I wrote the first tip-bot back in the early days, and at times was the sole active transacter on the chain.

I think Nimiq is such a great idea since it’s one of few cryptocurrencies that allow true decentralization. Since it’s practical to run a nano node in one’s browser, or a light node on one’s desktop without downloading a large blockchain over a week, or using tons of bandwidth, it allows people to truly access the Nimiq blockchain in a decentralized manner.



Hi there, I’m Mat (aka Tomkha). I’ve been following Nimiq since TokenSale in 2017. You may know me as a guy behind Sushiminer ( - the free, open-source GPU Nimiq miner.
I’m trying to do my best supporting decentralization as much as possible - if you’re interested in running your own Nimiq pool feel free to contact me directly. I believe that Nimiq deserves to be really frictionless and easy to use that’s why it’s crucial to reduce fees to the very minimum. Being a holder I’m also extremely interested in Nimiq’s wide adoption and prosperity so let’s restrain out greed and do our best to achieve the goal.

Some personal info - I’m Belarusian, marathoner and a cat owner.



Hi there, I’m Sam! (I go by sharms on telegram and my twitter handle is @harmssam)
A bit about myself, although originally from Brazil, I now live in Canada. I work in telecom in the beautiful province of British Columbia, Canada. I setup wireless networks for all of Canada’s major providers. I have been in this industry for the past four years.
About 3 years ago I discovered crypto, and fell in love with the concept. I started reading whitepapers, watching youtube videos, and listening to podcasts trying to understand all the crypto-jargon that I’d previously never heard of. This learning experience became a newfound hobby. About a year after stepping into the crypto scene I discovered Nimiq. The use of Nimiq is what I envisioned crypto should be. Like Apple products, it should just work. I shouldn’t need to wait two weeks before knowing what my wallet balance is, nor be worried about sending transactions to the wrong address. Nimiq just… works.
I think there is massive potential in Nimiq as the team is actually incredibly talented, and have consistently produced a quality and polished product. This calibre of effort by the team is hard to match, and the vision is spot on.
If added as a community representative I hope to the hope to help the team in any way I can. My specialty is probably testing (see: breaking) things, but also I love vision casting and formulating ideas for future products.
I have been involved with Nimiq in ways I I am capable, such as translation work for a mining pool, creating YouTube mining tutorial, and helping test new products and providing feedback when I’ve broken it.


Hi, I am Wekkel. I took an interest in financial markets in 2005 and soon was studying the concept and history of money. A lot of things started to suddenly make sense. Experiencing the long foreseen Great Financial Crisis and the non-solutions offered, the discovery of Bitcoin put me on the emerging trail of cryptocurrencies. I have seen a lot in the past 9 years and still think this space is in its infancy. There are some very nice parallels with the trajectory of other inventions. These things take time and we are still early, very early.

I took a special interest in Nimiq upon the TokenSale announcement. Having dealt with Bitcoin and several clone projects, it was clear to me that user experience has been a major issue for cryptocurrencies. The idea of making it all fluent with the web without any installs necessary, strikes me as the missing element that no other cryptocurrency was able to tackle until now. I have been in a short quarrel with Robin because I objected to the TokenSale price level at the time but the concept behind Nimiq caught me. I could see this take off at some moment, big time.

So here I am, knowing my way around cryptocurrencies and the various types of applications/projects aimed at changing the world. I see my added value in, besides ongoing enthousiasm for the Nimiq project, asking the right questions and taking the long view.

The Nimiq community may still be small but consists of the ‘do-ers’. And do-ers change the world. A change towards a better monetary system. The question that started it all for me.



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I would go for something different than a -#. Maybe use Term fully spelled out or T1 and T2? The dash makes me think of a time period and less a term within the year.