Community Representative Candidates 2020-1

Let’s get to know the candidates for Community Representatives!

Note: All candidates were required to send a Bio. The current bios were the only ones received. Updates will be made if new information is received.


Mr Maestro is a Dutch sysadmin/security guy who has followed the project since the early days. Joined at the first community meet-up in Amsterdam which is his home turf, He was a co-founder of sushipool and started the set-and-forget Nimiq pool server effort. He has also helped developers test albatross nodes and is always eager to find ways to contribute to the Nimiq ecosystem.


Vasconcelos is a brazilian Site Reliability Engineer, most famous by initial Nimiq stress testing in the mainnet launch. He also helped adding Nimiq to TrustWallet.

James Warren

Also I have 18 years of programming bachelors of information technology and web design , associates of applied buisness computer technology programming logic. I think I be good candidate I am active always give good points of view of things always going and sharing Nimiq with communities.


Hello NIM community, it’s @destropx666 from India . I am an INDIAN crypto enthusiast and a graphics designer in crypto fields since 2016. M with Nimiq from last 3 months , now I am excited to help Nimiq through daily besis trivias and Crypto puzzles to grow it’s community activities , where communication is the key of success.:slightly_smiling_face: I want to spread the voice of NIMIQ’s simplicity and efficiency.

Ginghis Han

An active crypto enthusiast from Romania that has been following Nimiq for more than 2 years. As an avid researchers he knows very well about the crypto space and really believes Nimiq is superior to other cryptos so he wants to share the project with more people.

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Hello all ,this is Sanket from India. I am an enthusiastic person and crypto lover. I am in the crypto field since last 2 years and i am front end developer. I just want to work with Nimiq team and want to help the community members to solve their problem without getting them any difficulty. I want to clear the queries and want to build friendly and organic community environment so that community members will be stress free.

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Congratulations to the new Community reps !