Conferences Nimiq has-already/is-planning to attend

Conferences Nimiq is planning to attend

Conferences Nimiq has attended



  • Web 3 Summit 2018
  • Malta Blockchain Summit 2018
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Can you also make a thread about conferences you want to attend (as speakers)?

Maybe is better to add the ones we plan to attend in the future. I think we want to attend a bunch of conferences but is not feasible to attend all ;).


Are you still planning to attend to some tech conferences?

After see the effort that you are doing with Nimiq 2.0 I think that it should be a good idea to go to Rust/WebAssembly conferences. This will give a lot of visibility to the project.

To late for this one: but something with the same style.

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We are indeed increasing out attendance and participation in conferences during 2020. Thanks, that’s a good suggestion. I’ll share that conference with the Rust Devs.

here you have one Rust Conference in Europe: . I’ve seen the announce here:ław_poland/

I think that these (Rust and Webaasembly) conferences can give good name to nimiq

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