Contribute with GetNIM app's localization


All the text files that are needed for localization are in this repository in the folder localizations.

If you are familiar with GitHub and Android development and want to contribute with translating to your native language, just clone the repository, and duplicate each file in the folders contained in localizations/ that has the name en.xml, and rename them to change en to the two-letters code for your language.

For instance duplicate localizations/api/en.xml and rename the new file as localizations/api/eo.xml for Esperanto, then start translating the text in each string tag like so:

Change the text in each string like the one shown below

    <string name="response_1019">Rewarded !</string>

To it’s corresponding translation

    <string name="response_1019">Rekompensita !</string>

Please take into account that the tags containing text that includes special sequences of characters like %d, %s, etc. used in string interpolations, need to keep those in the right places in the translated text.

For more details about context or the use of string interpolated text some files have annotations in the comments that apear like this

<!-- this is a comment -->

The list of all contributors in the localization efforts will be included on the about information of the app itself :hugs:

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I am seeking someone's help for i18n