Extending communication with Nimiq Community Developers

Now and then, some voices have been heard in the Nimiq community that the level of communication with developers is not enough. :slight_smile:
With this post, I want to reach out in the name of Team Nimiq to developers to collect ideas and suggestions on how to improve communication as well as support for developers working on Nimiq-based apps.
The goal is to find good ways to support developers but also make sure that the Team Nimiq developers can focus on their work improving the underlying tech.

Please take the time to read all ideas and “like” the ones you support.


Personally, I feel the team’s communication with both the community in general as well as with the community devs has been more than enough. Most definitely it’s better than any other project where I’ve tried to chat with the team. Thanks for all you guys do to keep in touch with the community!

As for improvements I’d like to see communication wise:

  • more technical vlogs aimed at devs rather than those aimed at dumbing the tech down so anyone can understand it.
  • live code jams with the team where the team is working on whatever they’re working on, and the community devs work on their own projects but with ability to send a chat message in the stream to ask questions as they need to. Could be great for new devs as well since they could get their help live.
  • more white papers and technical write ups. The Albatross one was really nice and I’m looking forward to what other write ups you guys could make.

I’ll add more if they come to me, but in general I’m very happy with the team’s communication in the last 6 months :star_struck:!


I really enjoyed the nimiq tutorial and hub, thank you.

Coming from c# game dev I am keen to explore further nimiq game potential in js, namely;

-Item Payments
-Pool betting (temporary wallet per multiplayer game, winner takes all)
-Item Digital scarcity (signature’s proof of address to asset purchased in db).

Ok no smart contracts but using secure server logic with nimiq is fine.

More app examples would be amazing, like integrating nimiq responses within centralised web apps securely.

So much early traction in crypto gaming, eg. tron usage. A public nimiq-game api could really help spread the nim planetary love.


Cool stuff, yes indeed, we try to answer more tech questions in the videos, like in the latest AMA session with the core team. Was that good or, say, satisfying?

Working live together can be a considerable distraction for the team, right, instead, community hackathons are currently being discussed where team members will be present for live support. There is quite an overhead organizing them, but we also believe them to be very valuable! Would be great to share the effort if possible.

Lately, a new Nimiq white paper has been published plus the Albatross write-up you mentioned. Next step from that side would be the Nimiq 2.0 white paper - it’s WIP. What other topics would you consider important to write more about?

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Also, thanks Pete! :slight_smile:

I was thinking of some form of regular Q&A or AMA sessions, maybe here in the forum where you can ask concrete questions and I (supported by the team of course!) will then collect all the information so that on the long-run, a content collection of questions and answers can be built up. So you questions would be something for that, but I think they need to be a bit more “concrete” so that a compact answer ideally with a code snippet is possible.


I really like that you’re open to storing signed messages on a secure but centralized server @Pete ! Imo crypto as a whole has suffered from a bit of decentralization for the sake of decentralization recently and it’s all overkill. As long as you’re using a decentralized system for payments I think centralizing the rest of the application is fine, and if you use signed messages to decentralize your centralized solution a little bit that’s even better. I have a few projects that I think are right up your alley in the works rn, so look forward to them!

Yup, live streams are probably too much of a distraction but I like your alternative idea just as much. Hackathons would be amazing and I’d love to attend one, whether in person or if it was live streamed.

Hard to tell, I think anything you guys could put out would be amazing. I can’t wait for the 2.0 white paper! The only paper I could think of wanting right now would be one on proposed / researched privacy features for Nimiq 2.0. An overview of what you guys have considered and ruled out (along with why) and what you guys are currently considering for use in 2.0 would be amazing and could help us community devs start thinking of how we could use such features when 2.0 comes out.