Fastspot Overview Page

Hey everyone, there was this idea that came up I wanted to document:

Basically I’d like to see a simple page where you can go to check out the performance of Fastspot, with an easy to share URL. The transactions through fastspot are all on-chain, so one could simply monitor the address and see incoming and outgoing transactions, but I think it would be beneficial to have a whole page somewhere dedicated for just statistics around our new fiat onramp. There could be diagrams with volume per day/week transferred, or average time till completion, or total users etc. You could also make a graph with onramp vs offramp to track how much money enters the ecosystem.

I think this project would be very straightforward, you’d need to run a node and get data from the blockchain and present it in a nice way (you could even link back to block explorers if people want to see specific transactions ie largest amount in the past 24h). This would mainly be a tool to show to outside people in order to convince people how cool Fastspot is and make it easier to understand what we are doing, so it should have some nice designs :smiley:

The site could already start development since Fastspot is now operating in closed beta and all the things needed are already available.

I am not super keen on developing this myself, first because I can’t, and second because I am busy with other projects I need to do for university, so if anyone would like to pick this up feel free to do so!

Let me know what you think about that :wink:


A conversation like this also happened in the team - I’m a big supporter of it! Or should/could this be a community effort?

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Well, it could be both. I think it’s doable for a small community project, but on the other hand it would be beneficial to have the site look good and have good UX, since it will be a first point of contact for some people. So I guess it’s up to the team to decide whether they want to do it “properly” themselves or outsource it :slight_smile: