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So there are several things that in my mind make Nimiq stand out from other cryptos. Chief among them is its web-based blockchain, which makes it great for being used on all sorts of devices, and not having to worry about downloading a new app. However, from a new user’s standpoint, I’m most impressed by the #cashlink feature, which enables one to send NIM with a simple link and the #identicons which give a funny avatar-like icon to your NIM address which you can recognize to validate that the address is correct and wasn’t mistyped.

Well, we’d like to hear more from you! What do you guys & gals think would be a cool feature to implement in Nimiq? You can already see where we are at the roadmap, but if there are things you’d think would make Nimiq even better, we’d like to know :grinning:

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Time ago i had an idea, i’d like to know your opinion.

What if you add some alias of the address written on the blockchain, so you can send coins just to that alias and not to the full address?

i know that this has some problems because you lost some privacy and theoretically is not a good idea to reuse the same address. Related with this comes my second idea, have you considered the addition of Stealth Addresses ?

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Hi @Bittiriko, you can add addresses to your in-wallet contact list and give them an easy to remember name, like an alias. Regarding privacy features, it seems to me that those would work better if they are not made optional, do you mean to add Stealth Addresses or some other kind of privacy feature to the whole blockchain?


Maybe there could be a tool to export the 24-word mnemonic phrase in an easy-to-remember comic-book-like sheet of paper.

So, for instance, there could be 6 panels, each with an image resembling some action that uses objects and characters related to 4 words in the mnemonic phrase. Those 6 panels could then be arranged on a page in a grid of 2 column x 3 rows in portrait orientation.

The idea is that the user could memorize the 24-word mnemonic phrase in a way similar to how the “memory palace” and other memorization techniques work, using spacial and visual clues, and the sense of progression in the story, instead of a raw list of words with no meaning.

For generating the panels it could be used some machine learning algorithm like those that use Generative Adversarial Networks to generate real-world-looking images from text, and even Style Transfer to make them look like a comic book.

With something like that we could give a better alternative to Brain Wallets, that also wouldn’t need a physical medium to store the seed words, without all the hassle of having to find some waterproof and fireproof material to use, and also without having to find a “safe” physical location to put the sheet of paper with the words.

Also it would help with bringing mass adoption, since the need for a physical storage for the seed words seems to me the weakest link in the whole chain in that regard, no pun intended :wink:


My idea is (for this coin or for other one) to add aliases that are related with Stealth Addresses (SA) and this info written within the blockchain (with out third parts).

For example:
If I send some coins to @Bob , I sending to his SA (Bob still is “anonymous” from the point of view of the blockchain, I can’t know what are the addresses related with Bob), without the need of knowing that SA because that relationship is on the blockchain.

It’s one idea I had time ago and it’s not going to be implemented on the cryptocurrency I work on. The idea works, and as far as I know, SA can be added to Nimiq because at this moment you can add a message with the transaction (that’s mandatory if you want to add SA)

@Bittiriko , as it’s mentioned in the updated whitepaper Nimiq plans to work on a solution for adding privacy features to the blockchain.

Yes, I know. My idea was related with aliases of the addresses without compromising the privacy. Never mind.

Aliases already somewhat exist on Nimiq. Mopsus picked out an address and if you send 1 Luna to that along with a name you want, thatll be the label for your account on mopsus. You can’t send to those labels directly, but it’s close.

As for storing nicknames for accounts on chain, I’m totally against it. One, it uses up space on the blockchain. Two, how do you ensure each name is only owned once in a decentralized way (smart contracts are useful here, hence why ENS exists). Three, a decentralized name service usually leads to people scalping names which reduces the effectiveness of the service.

Your Nimiq address is just as complicated, maybe a little more, than a credit/debit card number so I think it’s reasonable.

Over time apps with contacts (like Nimiq safe), as well as other solutions (bumping phones to send, physical cards, who knows) will reduce the need for actual aliases on the blockchain imo.

This is a subject that comes back on the table regularly, having an alias system would basically make sending NIM as easy as tweeting indeed, can’t really make things easier UX wise.

I think it would be a neat challenge to the team ingeniosity in the future. I’m aware of another cryptocurrency named Merit with an equivalent feature, the downside is that it’s invite only and the protocol architecture stroke me as much more centralized than Nimiq.