Feedback about the Kucoin Listing


I’ve always appreciated the transparency of the Nimiq Team.

But until now I’ve not heard much about the new Kucoin lisiting. (btw… I’ve made an account there only because of Nimiq. ^^)

What are the plans in the near future with Kucoin?
Are we going to see the new website before Kucoin-promotion?
Are you satisfied with the responses of the listing so far?

I finally want to use Nimiq to share the price of a pizza with my friends… But it’s hard to trust a 450th place project.

Another more personal question would be:

How are you doing @teamnimiq? Are you guys still in this revolutionary and positive mood?
I’ve always watched the short videos on YouTube with pleasure.

Thanks for all your work.



Hello Swiss,

Nice to read you here. I am not from team Nimiq - but I can answer your questions.

Due to insider trades and market manipulation the publication of possible new listings is most oftenly forbidden via business terms of an exchange. Think about Binance just have addional questions about a submission and a project use it to state “we are in negotiations with Binance!” just to pimp their price. So this whole procedure has nothing to do with Nimiq’s transparency. Btw. if you see List of Exchanges and Informative Sites the submission to Kucoin was known by the community.

The plan with Kucoin? It is just one more exchange. They have the promotion together, which is common for a new listing. To my knowledge the promotion has already started and it would be great to see the new website in Q2.

I personally had no short-term expectations regarding Kucoin. It is nice to have a reputable exchange on board. If you ask “satisfied” regarding the promotion, I would answer, it is like a big puzzle. Kucoin will become an important piece of it. But alone this piece does not really matter. There are e.g. a lot of new twitter followers now, but it was just a small step.

Honestly, I do not think that ranking by market capitalization is a trust index. Maybe, you need to buy your friends a Nimiq t-shirt in the shop - and after that you could discuss how the payment checkout felt and imagine if you would use it if your delivery service would offer it. The webshop plugin for payments with NIM is scheduled in Q3 2019. And the question of trust will be solved via the OASIS protocol and colaboration with WEG-Bank and Trade Telegraph (see Nimiq’s whitepaper:

Be sure, they have the best time of their lifes! But it is most notably hard work.


When do we start mass adoption? I’m waiting for a long time. Have impression that team work only on ux. Otherwise, not much happens.


What would be your way to mass adoption? If you think the road to mass adoption is all about marketing, you are clearly wrong. “We” will see how successful Facebook-coin is. They have marketing power and more then 2 billion users.

The Nimiq project is different. Nimiq is a decentralized, censorship-resistant payment protocol native to the web, with its own diverse ecosystem of apps. I have defenitively a different impression from yours - Nimiq is currently doing the fundamentals to get the chance to become a world currency. And their approach is outstanding.

If you followed the project, you should know that there will be no mass adaption without scalibility and a crypto to fiat bridge. And if you reached this you will need the easierst way for implementations and the best ux - and sure, marketing so that economy and customers know about Nimiq’s existence. You will find all these aspects in Nimiq’s whitepaper. What they currently do and what they have already achieved ( And I am looking forward to the whitepaper of Nimiq 2.0, scheduled Q3 2019.


When do we start mass adoption?

There are 2200 other projects fighting over visibility and a lot of tribalism, it’s not as simple as “starting adoption”.

not much happens.

Simply false, the team has done a lot of work during the last year, you just have to check the medium where it is documented.
It’s not because efforts are expected that they should be dismissed.

Have impression that team work only on ux.

How do you expect to reach adoption without a quality user experience in the first place?
There are plenty enough vaporware projects that made a lot of promises and never released anything usable by anyone.

Also imo people with a stake in the project complaining about it should maybe adopt a more proactive approach and ask themselves “what could I do to help Nimiq adoption?” instead of passively expecting it to happen, especially when they instead decide to complain that “they’re waiting” and “not much happen”. :wink:

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In case you missed it, we published a blog post about KuCoin’s listing so you can be informed with all the relevant information.

About your specific questions:

  • What are the plans in the near future with Kucoin?
    That is outlined in the blog post: To raise awareness for NIM’s KuCoin listing and spread Nimiq’s mission to new users, targeted giveaways will be run with the help of our friends at KuCoin. Nimiq has committed a total of 20.5 Million NIM and 250 Nimiq branded Ledgers to these giveaways. The conditions of such giveaways will be announced in social media.

Are we going to see the new website before Kucoin-promotion?

Are you satisfied with the responses of the listing so far?
here are still more promotions left, but so far I’m happy with their report. The report KuCoin did on Nimiq is very good and well-research. It allows for users in KuCoin to really learn about Nimiq.

How are you doing @teamnimiq? Are you guys still in this revolutionary and positive mood?
Yes, positive, working hard and more ready than ever. I think you can notice that by the amount of news and progress announced in the Nimiq blog this year so far.


Work on adoption already started quite some time ago. Check the research published in and feel free to contribute with ideas and discussion. We have been working in more on that topic and will publish it when there is something concrete.