List of Exchanges and Informative Sites

The following list is available publicly to keep Nimiq community informed and also to allow community members to suggest or even contact a new site. We encourage you to add any sites of interest to the community.


Exchange Status Trading Pairs Comments
KuCoin Listed BTC, ETH, USDT
BTCAlpha Listed BTC
HitBTC Listed BTC, ETH
CoinDCX Listed BTC
CoinEX Listed BTC, USDT
Changelly Listed
StealthEX Listed
ChangeHero Listed
ChangeNow Listed
Bitladon Listed BTC, ETH, EUR
Bitcoin Meester Listed BTC, ETH, EUR
AscendEX Listed USDT Formerly known as Bitmax
Exolix Listed Website screenshot of Nimiq in Exolix
Piixpay Listed EUR (off-ramp) Crypto to EUR using IBAN only Listed
Poloniex Analyzing Analyzing legal info required for Poloniex
OKEx Analyzing Analyzing legal info required for OKEx
Bittrex Analyzing Analyzing legal info required for Bittrex
Upbit Analyzing
Huobi Not Listed
Binance Not Listed
Binance DEX (Testnet) Not Listed
Bitfinex Not Listed
Kraken Not listed
Coinbase Not listed
AnyCoinDirect Not listed
Liquid Not listed
STEX Not listed Denied denied our application for now
TradeOgre Not listed
eFin Not listed
CryptoWolf Not Interesting Internal analysis conclude is not interesting for Nimiq
Bitmart Not listed
CoinEx Not listed
Bithumb Not listed Contacted the exchange, waiting to hear from them
EXMO Not listed
Bibox Not listed
ProBit Exchange Not listed
OceanEx Not listed
CoinOne Not listed
Nash Not listed
TradeSatoshi Listed (Closed) BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGE, USDT Site has been closed on March 21, 2020
Nimex Listed (Closed) ETH Possibly shutted down due to costs

Informative Sites

Site Status Comments
Binance Info
Coin Gecko
Coinlib Outdated Change icon
Bitcoinwiki Outdated Change ticker
Coinmarketdaddy Outdated Change icon
Messari Disclosures Registry
CoinCodeCap Submitted


Product Status Type Comments
Nimiq Safe Supported Web Official
Nimiq Wallet Supported Web Official
Ledger Nano S Supported Hardware
Ledger Nano X Supported Hardware
OPOLO Wallet Supported Hardware
Trust Wallet iOS / Android Supported Mobile
Trezor Analyzing Hardware
Atomic Wallet Analyzing Desktop + Mobile
Elephant Wallet


Site Status Comments
Blockfolio Added
Coin Gecko Beam Added
Coin Stats Direct Form sent
Delta Direct Form sent
BitUniverse Contacted them directly


Site Status Comments
What To Mine
Coin Gecko Beam

Getting onto Bittrex would be great, as they offer USD Pairs for multiple cryptos. An usd/nim pair on it would make nim much more accessible.

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Adding Nimiq project in Messari Disclosures Registry will be great for the project.

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When Huobi?:heart_eyes:

Listing NIM on STEX (aka would be nice. They’re doing really well this year.

Added as you wished Guio

This is really huge project and very huge potential please do not destroy this amazing project to keep this on small exchanges please list it on big exchanges then we can make big community and also MC

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Changelly isn’t in the list.

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  1. Kucoin was available during 2017 and functioned properly. They seem to have “ok” levels of liquidity for an average trader.
    I have a personal story when my PC was compromised and a hacker was able to access both my kucoin and binance accounts, despite 2FA. Binance alowed the withdraw, while Kucoin triggered an extra security measure, which saved my funds.
    2)Tradeogre seems missing from the list:
    It’s a smaller exchange that is know for listing “below the radar” crypto. I personally have had 0 issues with them - simple & fast UI, nothing has gone missing. Plus, the withdraw fees are one of the smallest ive ever seen

Thanks for your opinion! TradeOgre has been added to the list

I suggest that eFin exchange created by tPay will be a great exchange for Nimiq to be listed seeing that both tPay and Nimiq are both affiliated with WEG bank. See for info on efin and also a discussion about WEG bank and a mention of Nimiq near end of video.


Hey, the team are already in talks with efin about a variety of things, whilst I’m not personally privy to such information i’m sure this discussion has taken place. I’ll add it to the list though.


Hi , @Richy Can you take a look at Bitmax as an exchange listing , it has an interesting structure , it looks like it’s very new and volumes increasing daily . I believe NIMiq wouldnt have a problem to be listed there and we should defiantly contact them . It’s BitMax not BitMex just for clarification .


Ha, i’d love to get listed on Bitmex and liquidate all the shorts! I’ll add Bitmax to the list and take a look myself (and get Richy to follow-up)

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Can we add coinwarz to the Mining Sites?

Good to know:

What about Bitmart, it is a new, good Exchange.

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If Bittrex listing becomes a real thing, I strongly suggest getting in touch with the team over at CoinSpot. They’re an Australian exchange/broker. One of, if not the most popular Australian crypto service, and historically they’ve used Bittrex as their backend for their coins listed previously.

They provide direct fiat to crypto options for every coin they list too, and if Bittrex listing becomes real they’ll be receptive to listing imo.

More info -, which is located in Hongkong, so they can support Chinese very well. Rank around 100 in CMC, no listing fee, and I know a guy who may accelerate the application. So leave me a message if team submits the application.