List of Exchanges and Informative Sites


ByPass! in Telegram has suggested the team look into the Bibox exchange. I can’t find any info on listing fees for it, and clicking “List a coin” at the bottom of the page requires you to log in and I don’t feel like signing up for yet another exchange lol.

UI looks nice though so I think it’s definitely worth the team checking out :slight_smile:


Another exchange to have a look at would be CoinMetro. Not overly familiar with it but it could see some potential growth as it was a popular ERC20 token in the last bull run and it now has a working product.


Listing on Efin would be great. I found out about your project through Tokenpay :slight_smile:


Why is tradesatoshi not on the list above?


Can you apply to get listed on Bithumb? Top Korean exchange. Listing here alone would bring massive interest from Koreans.


Thank you, I added TS to the list.

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Nice. Keep up the good work. Thank you very much.

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You can add to the list of exchanges. They even airdrop NOW tokens for every transaction you make.


Nimiq can now be traded on :smiley:


Hi…I came from indonesia. is the biggest crypto exchange here beside LUNO. I guest if Nimiq can listed at indodax would bring more interest from indonesian.

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Why are most exchanges not listed on Nimiq’s coinmarketcap?


Coinmarketcap has their own list of “recognized” exchanges. Only those can be assossiated with a coin. smaller and local exchanges are often just not listed on cmc. Also the “Change-” sites (ChangeHero, ChangeNow, COINSWITCH, Changelly) aren’t exchanges in that sense, they just offer direct swap of coins and buy their stock from exchanges themselves


Would love to see it on Bittrex, one of the most serious exchanges on the list and that also partners in sharing the order book with Upbit so that can also reach the asian market better.


I’m all for Bittrex, it’s a great exchange


Congrats to the Nimiq team on the KuCoin listing!!

#37 is going to launch a global exchange and it already offers savings plans. I guess they could be also interested in OASIS.

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