GetNIM application


GetNIM is an app that rewards users with NIM for doing activities. It’s still early in its development, but we wanted to push it out there now to start finding bugs in the system. It definitly has helped shed some light, despite it being out not even a day now.

That said, please feel free to give us feedback and ideas on how to make GetNIM better. You can find us on the Google Play Store by searching GetNIM.


So do we get money from playing the game, and if so why? Is it shape recognition data for AI training that we’re being paid to produce, are you just giving X NIM per time spent in the game, or are you mining while we play the game?


The main goal for GetNIM is to provide a way for people to get NIM without mining, no mining takes place on the app. You are earning NIM for simply playing the game. There is no tracking of ones performance except the end score, which GetNIM does nothing with.

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Happy to hear! Seems like a great app getting better by the day, and a good way to spread NIM around. Just tried to do my first survey but failed the first question.

I’m still arguing that “Have you ever traveled through time?” Is “Yes”. Maybe I’m not in full control of my travel, but I’m always traveling forward in time. Silly survey thought I wasn’t paying attention to the questions, instead I overthought the first question lolol.


Lol sorry to hear that! We are applying to peanutlab to get more surveys avaliable. Havent heard back from them yet. Here’s hoping. One peeve I have is they always ask about income, then if you dont make a lot they end the survey. If i’m making good money i’m not going to be doing surveys for $

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Interesting issue taking a survey today, thought you would like to know.


Had another problem with the surveys. This time I believe it’s something you guys can fix, unlike the survey just refusing to show on mobile.


I’m adding it to the issue tracker, thanks for reporting the issue. It’s very much appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:


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The latest update (v1.0.1) has support for cleartext traffic coming from, that would allow surveys served via HTTP to load on Android 8 and above.

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I just noticed a new game was added! Is Nimble an original, and if so who did all the modeling as it’s incredible!


The games was purchased off of codecanyon, the creator was RogueGames. Since we’ve purchased the game (originally named Skate)it has been removed from RRAALLVV put some personal touches on the game for us using buildbox.


It would be awesome if this app is also available for iOS :slight_smile:

This idea is very neat. I think this app is perfect for people commuting and on-the-go. In the future, you guys can try expanding the library of games or even extending it to non-games as well, such as:

  1. Receiving NIM after reading an article and answers a random question about the article correctly.
  2. Simple 5-min games (tic-tac-toe, complete the maze, crosswords, pac man, pong)
  3. Brain teaser games (sudoku, luminosity)
  4. Questionaires, surveys, ads watching

I could definitely see myself using this app as part of my daily task-to-dos.


I have looked at sudoku! Also, we are working on adding features where there’ll be more passive ways to earn NIM with the app, I’m pretty excited about that. Thanks for the feedback, we will always be looking for ways to improve.