Glemiere - Community Candidate

Hi, I’m glemiere! I’ve been around Nimiq since before the mainnet launch and have been with Nimiq for the better and the worst. I’m the founder of the Nimiq community marketing group on Telegram and have been doing research on my own to improve Nimiq because I’m a Site Reliability Engineer during the day and a hardcore Nimiq community member at night. :muscle:
I’m a big fan of Nimiq and haven’t really been involved in any other cryptocurrency. Nimiq has that special thing that got me hooked up right away and I believe in it so much that I recommended my best friend to join the frontend team and he has been working with Nimiq for about a year so far.

I am very invested in the project and keep looking at ways to help all of us make it in the crypto space constantly. I have some good things for us coming this year and I hope my candidature can help setting an example of how any of us’s personal involvement can make a big change!