Hextris game that pays out NIM

Host a Hextris game/faucet that gives NIM according to the amount of points.


First I think we need to compromise on a sustainable NIM/points ratio.
Secondly, who could provide the faucet.
Thirdly, what kind of measures can you take to prevent people hacking and draining the faucet.

I forked the repo and it’s completely written in JS. Looking through the code and concluded adding functionality isn’t really difficult. You could use the Hub wallet selector as an integration and after a game end, the game could send the corresponding NIM to that wallet.

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1- Agree, I think 1/10th of the points in NIM would work.

2- I’m sure we can help fund the faucet.

3- I think we can come up with a set of rules. I’m thinking an upper limit of IP/location per day.

With 1/10th for example means 1000 points -> 100 NIM? Then I’m really curious about what kind of funding for the faucet you have in mind :smile: otherwise it will be drained within a day.
Personally I reach 4k points each game so I wonder whether that ratio is worth it.

Of course I could provide funds for the faucet as well if we can agree on a ratio.

I wonder if IP based filtering is sufficient enough because of all the services like VPN and Tor you have nowadays. Especially if your proposed ratio is that high, people will try to bypass the IP filtering.

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Yes I meant that. But we can limit to 1 game per IP per day. Or maybe going 1/100th would be better still. Just brainstorming :slight_smile:

I would do 1/1000, because we all know that game per IP doesn’t work and the faucet will get drained by the same user

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Maybe I would make it into an game app for Android and maybe iOS, that way it’s more difficult to exploit it :man_shrugging:t2:

Maybe having a whitelist of addresses maintained by the community. If someone joins the community, introduces themselves and says hi in the forum with their nim address, then that address can withdraw NIM from the game.

Also been thinking about Nimiq 2.0 and staking. Amount staked could be taken in consideration in the future.

I was thinking the same. It keeps them in the game longer due to the lower reward, forces them to improve themselves and won’t require to monitor people their IP address.

I like the idea but it will become very centralized this way and a lot of work for such a small game. It also will involve manual processing. If you want to show the NIM integration to a friend who doesn’t know Nimiq, it’s a high boundary to enter.

I think 1/1000 is a good number to start.

Nice move for game, i talking before that we need some faucet or game for community and bring new people who never hear for Nim.

Maybe, put withdraws one in week, if someone want to play more than numbers of games what u offer in one day…to see some reklams or promotions for that… to prolong game and u earn some.

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That sounds like a good idea. Allowing users to withdraw after playing for a week. The bad part would be that users will not be able to use NIM immediately after playing the game and the main idea is for users to test out Nimiq.

Did some small text modifications. Also integrated the Nimiq Hub, which was a piece of cake! Next step is to keep track of the score an payout based on the score. :smile:


That’s awesome! Remember to document the process. I think resulting documentation will be very valuable.

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I want to share Nimtris with all of you and show what I have so far. Nimtris is a game based on Tetris with a twist including Nimiq integration.

Note that right now, the game is running on TESTNET so all the transactions and rewards aren’t real. You can create a testnet wallet here or create one directly before you start the game: https://nimtris.zeromox.com. Using Testnet is until I’m finished testing afterwards I’ll move to mainnet so you can receive real NIM!

When you are game over, the game will immediately send you your reward based on your score. Current reward/score ratio is: 0.1:100. So for every 100 points you get, you will receive 0.1 testNIM. The final ratio hasn’t been decided so can change at a later time. After I fix some issues I will move the game to mainnet so you can share it with your friends/family and show everybody how easy it is to interact with Nimiq!

Don’t forget to share your HIGHSCORE here in this thread!

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Hi @Stefan ! No bug found for now…
It needs just a few games to understand the mechanics (combos, the fact that groups split themselves when one part touches the “structure we build”)
I just love it ! Congratulations !

Maybe I got a bug…? After a game I didn’t have the “Restart” button. Or maybe there’s a limit of games playable ? After a reload, I’ve played again, and the “Restart” button was back.

High score for now : 7478 !

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Thank so for trying it out. The idea of the game is that in order to get points, you’ll need to get 3 or more matching colors to lie next to each other.

No there isn’t any limit. Could be a small issue. I never have encountered it before. Can you share your browser type and version?

Sure. Google Chrome, Version 81.0.4044.122 (Build officiel) (64 bits)

I got the bug again a few times. It may be related to resizing the window while playing.
Also, resizing the window seems to create other bugs (every piece in the gray zone were on “the floor” already (not descending)) Although I can’t reproduce this bug again for now…


Fun game.

New High

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