History of the Nimiq Website


Through the use of the Wayback machine we can see as the website at the Nimiq.com domain has evolved over time. The team (or at least some of it’s founding members) has owned Nimiq.com and the Nimiq name for a while now.

The first version of the site (or at least the oldest the wayback machine knows about) was published in 2002 and the next significant change wasn’t for 5 years. In 2007 we can see the first occurrence of Nimiq’s definition as an Inuit word being proudly displayed on the site.

In 2017 we get to a site that many of us long time followers of the project will recognize which is the Betanet site. It’s interesting to see how streamlined the website is now (which happened a year later in 2018) and I feel the new site really fits well with Nimiq’s goal of being simple and clean.

I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Nimiq, and I’m sure the new website will continue the trend of simplifying the website’s design.

The Links:
2002 - The Original Nimiq.com
2007 - The Change
2017 - Nimiq Cryptocurrency is born
2018 - Nimiq as we currently know it