How do you want to use your NIM?


Hi everyone! I know I’m always looking for new ways to use NIM, both as a user and a developer. Personally, I feel that NIM can be used in place of money anywhere money would normally be used. I’m really looking for more out of the box ideas here, I think NIM should try to rise above the usual handful of use cases every crypto has (though NIM can definitely still do them, it shouldn’t be our horizon).

How do you want to use your NIM? Respond below so developers, entrepeneurs, merchants, Nimiq team, etc… can see it and understand what the users want. When you create a product, you set out to solve a problem so let’s hear some things you think NIM could make easier.

Nimiq was created to solve the issue with money as is, and we now have a censorless, borderless, cheap, and fast currency that is ready to be used for just about anything!


To me Nimiq has the appeal to build a lead in a market that has yet failed to be exploited these days which is the one of micropayments.

It’s a “buzzword” we see frequently (especially in crypto) but without any results whatsoever, most online content these days is still either ad/data mining powered or behind absurdly expensive paywalls/subscriptions.

Not being able to pay to watch a video, read an article or buy a virtual item with few cents and without having to give my mail, personal infos and credit card number is absurd.
It shows that the payment infrastructure of the web hasn’t made any substantial progresses in like 20 years (hell have you ever seen an error 402?).

I’ve seen many projects trying to provide a solutions (developing paywal solutions for content, often under the form of extensions) but the UX of LN is just way way too clunky for it to ever work in my opinion.

On the contrary with Nimiq the UX is already solved, what is lacking is more of a network effect/integration in legacy solutions and a convenient way to obtain NIM (which hopefully OASIS and its adoption will bring). Overall I think it’s an angle that should maybe be explored by the team, like convincing some content producers to give Nimiq a try.