How is Albatross doing? Aree there any other Consensus Algos being considered?

About the upcoming Consensus change from PoW to PoS. Afaik, the team has not decided yet on the final one to use, right? But at the same time Albatross is also being tested.

Any updates on this front might help to give a clear direction on where Nimiq is headed.

Also, are there any other Consensus being considered? Building on Tendermint perhaps? I believe team is working closely with Polkadot Network due to the partnership with Agora Trade.

Right now, the next step is to further assess and improve Albatross.
This is a necessary step on the path to deciding on the final consensus algorithm.

But in general, we considered all directions that I have summarised in this survey.


Thanks for letting us know. Hopefully we get to see more results from the simulator.

What do you guys think about the last revision of Avalanche?

There are some words about its comparaison with Algorand in the last revision:




While I haven’t read the latest revision of Avalanche yet, there are some problems with DAG-based protocols (and our use-case).
Most of such protocols work well for UTXO systems, but not so much for state-based systems.
It is not that easy to determine the “current state” in a DAG, which makes any kind of contract more difficult.
So far, I haven’t seen any satisfactory solution for these cases. :wink: