How will the NIM/BTC atomic swaps work?

  • NIM-BTC Atomic Swaps
    Swaps between NIM and BTC are not yet ready, but we are working hard on it to provide the best user experience the crypto-world has seen for real non-custodial cross-chain atomic swaps!

I am curious about this upcoming feature from the new wallet.

  • who is going to market make this? Or will it be some kind of P2P market?
  • if the Nimiq team is going to market make this how are you going to deal with “tainted” bitcoins?

Market making is handled by one or more third-party entities that the team is in close contact with. Nimiq is only providing the platform and standard protocol that connects users with market makers. It’s up to the market maker to halt swaps if tainted coins or addresses are involved. Market makers may also require KYC for high risk transactions.