I am seeking someone's help for i18n


https://metrics.nimiqx.com/, https://conv.nimiqx.com/, https://calc.nimiqx.com/, https://price.nimiqx.com/, these projects have already supported English and Chinese. Now I am seeking someone’s help for additional languages. Please PM me if you are interested. Thank you guys!


I can help with Spanish. Do you have a repository somewhere with the text that needs localization?


@Albermonte will help me with Spanish translation. Thank you so much.


@Miao No problem. BTW, do you know what could be used for collaborative localization?


https://crowdin.com/, this one is great, but as @LTD mentioned before, it charges a fee when you want to connect it with GITHUB. Something like that. For me, I only shared my localization files to translators.


I have at least 3 projects using the NimiqX APIs, love it

I’ll help with German!


Thank you so much. I will reach you in Discord.


I’ll check it out, thanks for sharing. Also found weblate for Android apps.


Good. Just let me know if you want someone to help with Chinese localization.

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That would be totally awesome!
I’ve added all the files for localization in this repository, and also created this forum thread with a short explanation of the process.


Hey @Miao, I hope you don’t mind if I ask what collaboration tool did you ended up using for localization.
I’ve setup a repository for the XML files that need to be localized for the Android app but I guess I’ll need to use something more inclusive, I mean, something that doesn’t require the collaborators to have knowledge about Git, GitHub, XML, etc.


He didn’t use any tool :slight_smile:
Just some basic instructions on how to edit JSON.
I think users will figure out, just tell them to edit “the stuff in the middle of the lines”.

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I’ll try to make the instructions on the repository a bit clearer then, thanks. :+1: