Idea: Earn NIM by chatting


Now that XPBot keeps track of user message count in Telegram, we could reward active users of the community with NIM.

This could make the chat groups more active and give back to the community. On the other hand, it could encourage artificial chat interaction and spamming.

In total, there is 146101 XP in the 2 year old Telegram group right now, so a ratio of 1 NIM per XP seems fair. I have to check what the Discord stats are.

Thoughts on this?

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Good idea, i’d lower the ratio by half personally to combat possible ‘spam’ but other than that I think its a good idea to implement.


It might be worth to implement it and submit a funding request to the projects board. (With 100% going to the bot payouts of course)
Otherwise, I could acquire some NIM as a community effort.
I don’t think we’ll need more than 50K NIM in total.

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