Impressions from an evening with WEG Bank and Nimiq


Dear community, I had the honor and pleasure to join the invitation of WEG Bank near Munich on 25 June. As I was the only community representative there, I want to share my impressions with you. It was a mixed group of Tokenpay, WEG Bank and Nimiq guys. The CEO of WEG Bank, Mattthias von Hauff, invited us all to a lovely beer garden, and we had a great evening until like 11.30 pm.

At this point, many thanks to Matthias for your outstanding hospitality! I felt very welcome and familiar from the beginning. Believe you me, Matthias is bound to have a bright future in his business endeavors. His sharp mind and very progressive mindset make him an excellent partner for Nimiq, and I am confident that they will achieve great things together. Thanks for answering my many questions regarding OASIS, taxes, the whole process behind it etc.! It really sounds like you will create a very convenient and user-friendly crypto payment system that will definitely find its place in the world.

I also had the pleasure to meet five guys of team Nimiq: Philipp, Jasmin, Basti, Julian and Tammo. It is a team you want to be part of after spending an evening with them. Very open-minded and informal, yet very tech-savvy and absolutely dedicated to the project. These are people that really love what they do, and they appear to do everything for their mission and vision.

So, regarding any leaks: I am confident that WEG Bank will come up with some news in the not too far future. Nimiq is working hard to release the new homepage (and cashlinks have top priority now!). The basic requirements for “Sign-on” with Nimiq are also there, they just need time to do it properly. Philipp talked about current considerations and parameters regarding Albatross and PoS (and dPoS), account privacy, the transition period from PoW and the 1:1 transfer of current coins to Nimiq 2.0 – which all sounded very reasonable to me. Thanks for being patient with my questions :blush:

All in all, I am confident that we can be part of a success story that is just about to be written. Happy to be here. I will try my best to contribute to the success of Nimiq by raising its awareness, because we as community also have a major role to play. Last sentence: Matthias and Philipp, you guys should put your heads together even more often – the output will be golden.


Thanks for sharing.

1 question. when you say there will be a 1:1 transfer of current coins to Nimiq 2.0. Will there by any restrictions for Americans like when we transitioned from NET to NIM?

Maybe you can’t answer but someone else can.


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Not part of the team and hopefully they will reply to your question.

That said if I understood correctly the KYC was made during the conversion simply because it was not done during the ICO in the first place (and it could potentially generate big issues in the future with regulatory bodies for NIM and Team Nimiq).

Tezos had to do the same thing last year as Nimiq (and it was not well received at all, like here).

I don’t see any reason they would need to put a KYC in place for Nimiq 2.0, it’s just a protocol upgrade/fork, nothing more, there is no fundraising involved


So far we have no reason to believe that we would need to do KYC or similar.

As for how the change of protocols may go, maybe we can pick the brain of @paberr? =)

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Yes, that’s correct.
Such a “transfer” for Nimiq 2.0 isn’t actually a real transfer. Since we will still use the same signature scheme (ed25519 a.k.a. Schnorr), your private keys will remain valid.
I’d say that – from a user perspective – it will look like nothing changed at all.