Instructions to participate in the Nimiq Zero-Knowledge Proof Ceremony

This documentation explains the procedure to generate the initial keys (a.k.a the generate binary), which is necessary to sign-in to participate in the ZKP Ceremony.

Read this blog post first to understand the complete procedure.

Phase 1: Key Generation

In the first phase, contributors go through a two-step process to generate and secure their keys. Here is how you can generate your keys:

Step 1: Generate Your Keys

  1. Get the Generate Binary:

    • Option 1: Compile from Source (advanced users)
      1. Install Rust 1.73.0 using rustup install 1.73.0. If you don’t have rustup installed, follow the instructions at
      2. git clone
      3. cd snark-setup-operator
      4. cargo build --release --bin generate to compile the generate binary for release.
      5. ./target/release/generate to execute the built generate binary.
    • Option 2: Use Precompiled Binary (regular users)
      1. Download the generate binary corresponding to your OS here.
      2. Make generate_<your-operating-system> an executable file and run it. In case you don’t know how to do this yet, you can find instructions here: Linux, MacOS, Windows
  2. Run it in a Command Line:

    1. When asked to “Enter some entropy for your Nimiq seed:” input any characters you like on your keyboard.
    2. Create a passphrase (leave it empty to autogenerate a secure one). Remember to save your passphrase - you will need it later.
    3. Keep the nimiq.keys file, ideally stored in a location that’s easy to destroy later, such as a USB pen drive.
    4. Send only the public key from the output to this form.

Thank you for your initial participation! Nimiq Coordinators will notify contributors to proceed with the second part of Phase 1.


Discord says invite is invalid? Is the server full?

Hi! The invite link was updated, you can try again

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I often get this even when a link is valid. I’m not sure why it happens but I’m usually always able to work-around the invite link.

  1. Open Discord and scroll to the bottom of you channels list on the left hand side
  2. Click Join a Server
  3. Copy in the invite link

Just an extra step to try in-case clicking directly is still causing issues.