Introduction FonsL Community Funding Board elections!

Dear Nimiq Community,

My name is Fons, I am 31 years young. And I live in the Netherlands.

In 2016 I became active in crypto and in particular Bitcoin. Besides Bitcoin, I also read a 10+ number of whitepapers from other altcoins. In which many promises were not fulfilled. When I started to delve into Nimiq I found out how transparent and strong vision they had for the future. This is something I didn’t recognize in the projects I was watching.

Since 2017/2018 I started designing for different crypto projects as a volunteer/hobby. And in particular infographics. I namely like to translate difficult matter, easily.

Current situation: At the moment I design a lot for TEN31 Real Estate which is really fun to do. Together with Albermont I’m working on a mini game for Nimiq, called ‘‘Nimiq Treasury’’ (see screenshot). Currently this idea/project is on hold for a while because Albermont and I are busy in private lives. At the beginning of August I/we will try to pick it up again.

Future perspective: I will continue to design for the projects I believe in. As I now get occasional paid assignments I hope to work part time for a crypto project in the future.

If you have any questions ask them !

Telegram: FonsL
Twitter: FonsLe
Discord: Fons L