Introduction of Faberto for the Community Funding Board election

Faberto - Tobi

  • Telegram: @tt0338
  • Discord Faberto#5351
  • GitHub: faberto

My Name is Tobi ( Faberto ), im a Developer with a background in cybersecurity.
I was introduced to Nimiq by one of the founders back in 2017. This was the starting point for me to get into blockchain technology. I immediately started building applications for the first testnet. Starting with a mining pool to fully understand how the chain works. Shortly after the launch of the mainnet I also operated a public pool which ran very well. Unit today the pools seed node still runs as a community node.

For 2.0 I am already working on a staking service to get everyone started with running their own validators: Validator as a Service

Sometimes I just play around with the chain for fun: Nimiq Smart Hoodie - YouTube

As part of the CFB I can contribute my technical knowledge and experience in building projects. I do favor technically useful proposals but “fun” projects are helpful for the community as well !