Introduction of Paul for the Community Funding Board election

Application coming from Paul Gertz

"Hi there Nimiq community!

I’m Paul, 35 years old, I’m a web developer living in the south of France.

I discovered Nimiq end of 2019 with the help of Google. That was also actually my first “deep” dive into crypto!

I’ve discovered a great community, nice tools and softwares. I quickly wanted to participate, in any way I could.

You may have seen a t-shirt design I’ve made on the Nimiq Shop (the “Join us” one).

I’m sure you’ve played Nimtris. I approached Stefan proposing to change the color set of the tiles, and he kindly offered me my first merged Pull request ever :slight_smile:

I’ve opened the Nimiq Game Store where you can buy Steam Games at great discounted prices (it is so easy to implement a payment solution with Nimiq, I couldn’t resist)

I’ve also developed Nimiq Vouchers where you can (currently, could) buy vouchers and gift cards with Nimiq. The website is currently unfortunately undergoing technical maintenance.

Currently working on a(some?) new project(s?) for the Nimiq community, I hope to share more infos later this year! Nothing crazy, just illustrating ways to interact/play with the blockchain, thanks to Nimiq ease of use.

Come say hi to me:
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @paulghz
GitHub: paulghz · GitHub
Discord: paulghz#2043
Nimiq Forum: Paulghz

Alright, that’s enough. Let’s get back to coding!

Best regards
Paul Gertz"