Let's welcome new Team Member Bruno!

Let’s give a warm welcome to Bruno França. You might recognize him for being one of the authors of #Albatross.


Welcome aboard @Bruno :grin:

Hello everyone! I’m very excited to start working with team Nimiq and already have a lot of ideas. 2020 is going to be an interesting year.


Welcome aboard! Could you share a bit of your plans you have in mind? :grin:

Welcome Bruno. Can you please introduce yourself a little bit?

welcome and tell us more about your ideas, please

Welcome Bruno. Looking forward to your ideas and input on this lovely project

Ok, a quick bio first. I’m Portuguese and live in Porto. I have a bachelor’s in Physics but ended up becoming interested in applied mathematics, specifically artificial intelligence and blockchain.
I was going to start my master’s in data science but then got an offer from Trinkler Software to work for them as a researcher (they had read two papers that I published in 2015 about blockchain anonymity) and accepted the offer. I ended up working with them for 1 and a half years, developed Albatross and Katal and a few other small things during that time, and left the company in December.
Then I offered my services to Nimiq (I had already had a collaboration with them and liked the team and the project), they accepted and here we are.
I keep a more detailed resume and a list of my papers at brunofranca.xyz if anyone is interested.

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I can share my overall plans, but first a disclaimer. These are my personal ideas, I have not discussed them with the team since right now I’m 100% focused on implementing Albatross and releasing Nimiq 2.0. Nothing is official until the whole team agrees and it is added to the roadmap.
I think that for a blockchain to be an effective payment system it needs four things: usability, scalability, privacy and stability. Nimiq already has usability, it’s the most user-friendly coin I ever used, period.
Scalability is going to be tackled in Nimiq 2.0 with the change to Albatross, we are going to get a throughput of ~1000 tx/s (for comparison, Paypal normally handles 200 tx/s with peaks of 500 tx/s) and a latency ~1 s. This should give us plenty of space to grow over the next years.
With Nimiq 3.0 I would like to see us tackle privacy. Your payments and balances are some of the most sensitive information there is, so it’s fundamental to protect that. Ideally, we start using encrypted transaction amounts.
Finally, stability refers to the price of the coin. No one wants to use a payment medium if the value can change +/- 10% in a single day. For me the ideal solution would be to add algorithmic stablecoins to the Nimiq blockchain.


Welcome Bruno!

Agora finalmente poderei falar com alguém em Português! Hahaha

Olá, Vasconcelos! És português também?

Sou Brasileiro :slight_smile: :brazil:

I really like your thoughts on the post before
I’m looking forward to 2.0 and really hope you share the progress along the way!

I’m liking a lot of these ideas! I believe the team has talked about some privacy features possibly being in 2.0 so you may see your wish sooner than later :man_shrugging: I’m not a big fan of algorithmic stablecoins on the Nimiq blockchain itself, but it could be interesting to see some stablecoins using OASIS so that NIM to Stablecoin is easy (though NIM to fiat would be easy by then too).

I’d really like to see more usage of the incredibly payment system you guys are making. Hopefully 2020 will see a lot of awesome things coming out of the Nimiq Community, especially as it grows.