List of NIMIQ strategic Partnerships and Shops


There are over 2000 cryptocurrencies today. How can NIMIQ be noticed? The answer is partnerships. The NIMIQ browser based blockchain is the easiest blockchain on earth, but nobody knows about it. Good partnerships can change that.

Current NIMIQ partnerships:

Current shops accepting $nim:

#2 is similar to Changelly and has NIMIQ listed.
They also announced a collaboration with Enjin Coin and will build an in-game cryptocurrency payment gateway for Unity 3D, enabling 4.5 million Unity devs to accept ENJ and 300+ other cryptocurrencies, including NIMIQ.

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Are you sirious?! What about marketing? Partnerships are great but if there is no public you can reach, it won’t effect a lot >value wise<. I think the team is doing a great job on the technical side, but lack of marketing is very frustating for me as ico investor. What I would like to see is a massive follower buildup on Nimiq’s official twitter channel. Twitter is still number one social platform for the crypto community. I did not lose faith in Nimiq and still think this project is a hidden gem… but it won’t be for long. Everyday crypto projects are growing out of nowhere and because of competition Nimiq will be less and less relevant if they don’t do something soon.


Robin, you should update Agora Trade to Trade Telegraph since they recently did a rebrand.

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also this is a better link for WEG Bank:

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Hi Team, I think Open Bazzar is a good decentralized marketplace and has a bright future. I just opened a store at OB and I believe more people will come there. I hope Nimiq also accepted as one of crypto payment there.


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