Making an interesting Telegram game

Maybe you are also familiar with a bot named Notcoin that was in Telegram.
A robot that received 20 million users for its community in three months!

I also wanted the Nimiq community to support this robot by supporting and paying prizes like the game they have on Google Play, so that we can launch our own robot!

The bot works like this, the user earns coins by clicking on the coin and performing activities!

After reaching a certain number of coins, he can convert them into nimiq.

As users get more coins, they start introducing the game to their friends, and by doing this, the community grows rapidly!

You might say that only those who are looking for free coins will join us!
Yes, it’s true, but don’t forget that the popularity of the coin attracts investors and miners too!

Also, in the next steps, the project can rent the channels that seek to attract users and earn the gift payment capital!
Also, nimiq performs all transactions.

For example, the nimiq community has reached 1 million users.

Now I want to advertise this community, I have to pay 10 thousand dollars nimiq for one week!

What the notcoin bot did and managed to get $7 million for its community’s liquidity pool even before the coin was minted.

If the community supports me, I can prepare this type of robot in a week.

To better understand my words, enter the following channel in Telegram