Markting idea with UI visuals

Project description

This idea arose when I thought back to the PI Network project. This project has millions of supporters/followers. I have no interest in the project itself, but I do like the idea behind the marketing.

How their marketing worked:
With the PI app you could claim a number of PI every day. However, you had to open the app once every day to claim the PI. By referring other people you could earn more rewards. However, they also had to claim their PI every day. So if they are inactive and they will not claim there PI you will not receive any ref rewards from them. You could also send your referrals a reminder once a day to claim there PI. This way they remained involved in the project.

PI was also heavily promoted at my work (2018). Colleagues started referring each other and so they could obtain an x number of PI every day. And everyone was talking about it. Unfortunately, PI Network does not yet have a main network.

I combined the marketing idea of PI network with the Nimiq project. Below is a description of how the Referral idea/app works for Nimiq and the user.

How the app works for the user:

  1. Create an account. Username/password/email/NIM address
  2. Claim your 1 NIM every day. Once you have claimed, you must wait a 24 hours countdown before you can claim your NIM again.
  3. Referring as many people as possible. Once your ref has registered and also claim their 1 NIM. Then you also receive 1 NIM. This every time!
  4. If someone from your referral list has not claimed their 1 NIM. Can you send this referral only one reminder (to prevent spam). Your referral will then receive an email with a reminder to claim his 1 NIM.
  5. Additional: Referring as many people as you can and have a chance to win a monthly prize, a T-shirt or some NIM. (A score board will be added).

How the app works for the creator/Team Nimiq:

  1. When NIM 2.0 is released. Use for example 100,000,000 NIM for marketing and stake this amount. With a stake of 100,000,000 NIM the stake rewards will be (+/-4,5%) 4,500,000 NIM.
    If we assume that a user claims 1 NIM every day. Then we can recruit 4,500,000 NIM / 365 days = 12,328 NEW NIM holders from the staking rewards alone!
  2. Because new users register by e-mail, updates about Nimiq can also be sent via e-mail.

Preventing 1 person from creating multiple accounts to claim their Nimiq.

I have these idea’s

  • Prevented this by requiring them to register with an email.
  • When the user claims 1 NIM. Will there be a countdown from 24:00:00.
  • suggestions are welcome.
  • A max of x quantity referrals you can ref.

My conclusion:
In this way you do smart marketing. You give NIM to the community. And a low barrier to becoming part of the Nimiq network. This is a WIN WIN situation in my eyes.

Would be cool to have a disscusion about this.

p.s. see above a visual of the mainpage.


Some visuals of the idea.


I would always love an app that I can claim anytime within the day

Having to set a 24 hours countdown keeps me on my toes and is exciting but could very well become exhausting with time, I am suggesting a daily claiming of NIM rather than 24 hours cooldown

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I can’t believe I almost missed this post. I always appreciate your graphics and ideas FonsL. Long live the casual Friday!

Awesome idea. But, I always have to throw a wrench in there - what about temporary emails like those from People with the know-how could just keep generating these and drain your faucet.

Also, I see an image for NIMBOX! :wink: - is that maybe on the way too?