Massive multiplayer online game (MMO) powered by the Nimiq blockchain

Think for instance a MMORPG or a 4X game where the player’s achievements, stats, and inventory are stored in the Nimiq blockchain and solely owned by the player.

  • What could be the limitations?

  • Would it be necessary cross-chain data, oracles or smart contracts?

  • How about including a marketplace (decentralized exchange) for in-game assets?

  • Could (or should) all parts of the game be open source?

In case anyone wants to jump headfirst, there are many open source games on GitHub, including some clones of popular MMOs. The list of games below is not exhaustive and will continue to be expanded:

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Why would you use a payments blockchain for such purpose instead of one built for such purposes like Ethereum or Tron?

If it were built using the Nimiq blockchain there won’t be any issues with spikes in transaction fees and it would be accesible to everyone using just a web browser and not only for crypto-savvy people.

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Why? If anything, wouldn’t encouraging such things on the Nimiq Blockchain create a situation where transaction fees spike? ETH tx fees don’t spike for the fun of it lol

The accessible through browser bit is neat, but without contracts you really only have a decentralized public database and any logic would have to be centralized.

Not necessarily.

If there is a way to run games (or DeFi) on the Nimiq blockchain without sacrificing decentralization, someone is going to do it eventually regardless of what we discuss here, given the open and permission-less nature of the Nimiq blockchain.

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