Mining Hashrates!

We are looking for people that can share there hashrate!

In a recent video NIMIQ Team mentioned that Staking will be probably Q1 2021 so we have some time to mine!

we want to try to setup a list of GPU’s with there hashrate, so we can help everybody with right hashrate and what they can expect from there videocard.

We want to incorporate this list in a nice ui, but we need the data!
we ask of you to fill in this sheet!


hi, i was trying to mine with an RTX 3090 but it seams not to work…
do you have any idea what i can change so that mining works?
the hashrate seams to be to hight, then it goes down to 0.
the miner also doesn’t find any nonces.
screenshots attached.
thank you for your help!
best daniel

Overclocked, i had this problem on my cards. U must find oc balance, go on site and find maximum oc for that card and put in afterburner