New mining pool worth checking out

Features of Blankpool that I quite enjoy.

  • Lowest fee out of all the pools that adapts to the size of the pool. Currently sitting at 0.46%, will become the highest fee pool once the pool hits 30% of the hashrate to prevent centralisation
  • Neat feature that allows you to connect your wallet straight to the miner stats - no need to copy your address and paste into the website like other mining webistes!
  • Been reliable so far, and the developer Chugwig is well known for his developer skills.

Yes this is a shill post for a new pool, yes I have been mining here, and yes the network could use with some decentralisation even though Icemining run a very tight ship and deserve the hash they get. I’ve been pretty consistent with my stance on supporting small pool as those who have been around since Beeppool would know. Even just a bit more hash would result in consistent enough payouts to make it worth it for those who mine 24/7 or for long stretches. For those who burst mine I think Icemining will still be better for now.

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