New Testnet Accounts/Keyguard version RC3


Hey all!

We pushed an update to the Accounts Manager & Keyguard (and Safe) in the Testnet yesterday evening, and I also just pushed a new @nimiq/accounts-client npm package v0.3.1 (forgot to update the README in v0.3.0 :stuck_out_tongue: ).

This update now includes the highly requested optional sender (and forceSender) option for the Checkout request.

Additionally, the signMessage() return value has changed, as we fixed a security bug found by Philipp during his audit. This means you will have to adapt how you verify the message signature:

The README also includes a signature verification code example at the end of the ‘Sign Message’ section.

A list of additional visible and/or important general changes is as follows:

  • Wider use of pico consensus, which should lead to faster balance updates and tx-relaying both in the Safe and during checkout in Accounts
  • Change how account IDs are generated, they are now deterministic (this deletes all previous keys and data in testnet Keyguard and Account, I hope you have your Login Files or backups)
  • Download of Login File and export of backup Recovery Words can now be triggered separately (only important internally and for the Safe)
  • Automatic re-direct to Login when a key was deleted in KG, but it’s meta data is still available in AM
  • Update to automatic address labels word list
  • Visual style fixes throughout all requests according to Julian/Tammo feedback (not complete yet)
  • Security fixes in Keyguard according to Pascal and Philipp audit
  • Keyguard root redirect to Safe
  • Detail overlay during add-address flow (naming not included yet)

It’s been confirmed that while testnet accounts were nuked and you need to have your backups (and I mean who backs up their test keys lol), when this update hits the mainnet there will be proper migration code so your accounts won’t get nuked.

With that said, it’s still better to be safe than sorry and make sure all current mainnet keys are backed up. I feel like we could be seeing this update hitting mainnet quite soon!