New update to

We are updating the team page with some new member profiles and photos. Also Robin had politely asked to be removed as an Alumni from the teampage at and we are honoring his wish. Check it out here


Nice touch.

@Richy that beard tho D:

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Not sure how I feel about Robin asking to be removed. I understand respecting his wishes, but I also don’t think it’s fair for him to expect his relation to Nimiq to be wiped from the history books.

The motivation for him asking such a thing is also something I’m curious about.

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Yep, you are right on that. That picture is a bit old and let’s say I was super ready for it :smiley: . I’ll make sure I take a new picture and update it the next time we push a new version of the website.

This is a good point. Perhaps we could be provided with his request, or perhaps a farwell-like blog post & his reasonings?

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